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Bath Time Box: February First Box Review!

Bath Time Box is a brand new subscription box from Canada! Monthly subscriptions start at $29.00, shipping included. Every box will include 5 full and deluxe sized products. I just received the first ever box in the mail and it did not disappoint! The box arrived on my step and it smelled amazing and was heavier than I expected bath products would be!



Va Va Voom Vanilla Bath Bomb-$6.75

This was the first product I tried and it smelled deliciously of vanilla and fizzed up great in the bath!


Mango Madness Sugar Scrub-$10.00

This body scrub was also used immediately so I smelled awesomely of mango and vanilla! I have to talk about the scent because some products smell awful or are too strong so even if they work wonders I don’t want to use them. Not the case with this month’s Bath Time Box. I also wanted to add in that this scrub is really great and thick. Other scrubs have become separated because there is so much oil. This scrub is completely different and it is very dense. It made my skin smooth and didn’t irritate it.


Pamper Me Clay Soap-$6.75

This is made with two clays and can be used on face and body. I know some people have a preference when it comes to soap and body wash. Personally I love using both and can’t wait to try this!


Hawaiian Gardenia Bath Salts-$10.75

I love Gardenias, it’s one of my favorite flowers! I can’t wait to pour this in and soak in the tub.


Tub Love Bath Truffles-$?

This is made with cocoa and shea butter. It smells very strongly of cocoa butter so I am holding out using this until my poor winter wrecked skin really needs it! I can only dream of the wonderful smooth skin that could come from a bath using this.

Oh how I love bath products, and how I love this box. My go to stress relief is to take a bath. Normally I get gifts from Lush but I find them to be completely overpriced and overrated. This box isn’t cheap. But in one month’s box I can spread it out to last me longer than a month, and then I wouldn’t have to get one every month.Although I would hate not to since I take a lot of baths! All of the products are all natural and homemade with love, another plus. Considering that it ships from Canada I think $29 a month is reasonable for 5 amazing products. Im a fan, has anyone else tried this box or know of any other great bath boxes or brands? If your looking for a great gift for yourself or special someone go check out Bath Time Box!

Special Promotions going on now:

Get 20%off your first month with code MARCH20.

March only Special – use code THREEFORFREE on any new three month subscription and receive our special All Natural Lip Lovers Gift Set.  Each set includes an extra large 2 oz Strawberry Lip Lovers Lip Scrub and a .25 ounce Lip Balm in assorted flavours (chocolate, strawberry, cherry, and peppermint).

Sugarbash Reveal!


Sugarbash is a super new women’s subscription box. Frankly it is so new that I couldn’t even find a review of it online. Since I was dying to know what was in it I asked them if they would send a box for me to review. Lucky me they said yes! Sugarbash boxes are valued at typically 50-60 dollars and sell for $25. Only full size items are included and from a variety of brands. Their goal is to let subscribers try products before making a purchase. The more feedback from subscribers the better they plan on personalizing future boxes. So here it is! A reveal of what you’ll get in a box from Sugarbash:


First look, lots of variety.


Treats from the Popcorn Factory

There was a bag of jelly beans and a caramel turtle included, of course any kind of sugar is welcome in our house. Nothing wrong with sweets in a subscription box.


Kuhn Rikon Swiss Vegetable Peeler, $8.00

This is cute and I love the color. I am hoping it works well because Id like to replace my old boring black peeler.


Cotton Towels from WTowels.com, $4.00

These little towels are cute and are coming with me to the gym. A nice refreshing towel will be nice to cool down after a hard workout. I am hoping the different scents will be subtle and I can’t wait to try the make up remover.


Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum, $60 and FULL SIZE!

This serum gets good reviews and I am super happy to have gotten it in this box from Sugarbash. It’s supposed to help clear and prevent the appearance of sun spots. I have some discoloration on my face so we shall see how this works for me. Since it is full size I have plenty of product to use to see results.

Dianne Reeves, A Beautiful Life, $15.00

Sorry no picture is included from me, my daughter goes wild for subscription boxes and took it before I could take a picture. I am excited to find it and take it with us in the car. Dianne reeves has positive reviews and is a jazz artist which I like.


Helios Self Tanning Towel, $15.00

I have never heard of this brand before, but I am excited to try it. I am also scared because Im not too great with self tanner. This product gets good reviews on Amazon. One review said that they reused it a few times to deepen their tan. It seems fairly easy to use and hopefully will leave me tan and streak free. Im going to save it for our next vacation to Florida so Im not so ghostly white!

This box had lots of different products and I am really satisfied with the variety and quality. The value was way above the special price of $25 that is listed right now. I am going to be using all of these products and am always happy to try some new brands. If you are interested in a hint for March’s theme here it is: You will want this box for your spring break ! Dont forget to use discount code Spring !

*All prices estimated based on internet search. This box was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review.

February Glossybox Full Spoilers and Promo Codes

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription filled with deluxe and full sized products. The packaging is always beautiful. I always re use the boxes for gifts and storage. You can purchase subscriptions monthly, 3-month, 6-month or annually. Right now use coupon code bitbox315 to save $10 off a 3-month. Also go through ebates to get $2.75 off any purchase on Glossybox. If you opt to buy a monthly subscription instead of the coupon code you can use the gwp code aimmodster15.


February’s box looks adorable for Valentine’s Day! Here’s the products in this month’s box:

 *I found this off an awesome blog, Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

I am super excited for this one, especially the beautiful jar of lip balm from Royal Apothetic.

Black Friday is Coming! Awesome Subscription Box Deals Now!

Is anyone else freaked out by the fact that it’s already going to be December? It’s cold and getting colder, the mall already playing the Christmas music. There is nothing left of Thanksgiving themed items in stores, even though I wanted to pick up some things. But everywhere else Christmas trees are coming out and even a few neighbors have put up decorations. My family and I just got back from vacation and already it’s going to be Thanksgiving this week. Let’s just say I found a few Halloween decorations that had to be put away and I have not yet figured out what I need for our meal Thursday. Yikes! At least Black Friday is also happening this week. Now that is shopping made easy, especially since nowadays I don’t have to wait out in line the night before and campout! I can just shop online cozied up under a blanket with some hot coco.

Subscription box deals have been increasingly popping up this week. I love my boxes in the mail and they make wonderful gifts. Snatch up a great deal on a box and you can cross a name of your list. Here are some good ones I’ve seen:

Hamptons Lane has buy one get one on the Artisan Entertaining and American Breakfast boxes. Use code BLACKFRIDAY14 to get both for the price of one!

Golden Tote is including a Surprise Stocking Stuffer with any purchases on Black Friday

Green Kid Crafts is offering 70% the first month! Just use code BlACKFRI

Kiwi Crate Use code Holiday60 or MERRYSUB to get 60% your first month, also I noticed they have a new option to get a book included along withe the crafts for an extra $9. With the deal that would make the first month $16.95

Peekpak use code PRESALE to get 70% your first month

I want to know what else is going to be on sale this week. Anyone making a jump on any of the deals? Or spotted a really good one?

Blog Update


It has been too long since I have been able to post anything since I have had no internet! Our family recently moved and it has taken us a long time to get our internet working. Poor P had to come with us to pick up the equipment and then go figure we couldn’t get it to work. We then waited an additional week for someone to come out and get it working…so here I am. There has been so much going on lately in subscription boxes. Birchbox especially has some amazing deals on subscriptions and offers in the bonus shop. I have some reviews I need to write including Read Craft Bake and some awesome products.

I am an ambassador for MOMs Meet and  I have loved my experience being part of their community and best of all getting to sample new brands for our family.

Recently I have to post reviews for two brands that were new to me. Modern Table foods and Wild Veggie Purees. Hopefully I will be able to write about them today.

New Spa Heroes Exclusive Promo Code !

Spa Heroes a brand new subscription launching in September is now offering an exclusive code to get 10% off any subscription (monthly,annually, etc). Just use the code HERONOW ! 

Here is some more information about Spa Heroes:

“Founded in 2014 by former spa director, Jeannie Jarnot, SpaHeroes.com is a spa-quality beauty product subscription service. Monthly deliveries consist of at least one full-sized product for face, body or hair, offered at savings of up to 60%. All Hero Products are free of harmful “Villain” ingredients and instead feature non-toxic “Superpower” formulations that naturally activate and nurture optimal skin function. Spa experts verify high-performance standards and contribute to the subscriber experience through special spa discounts and priceless advice on the art of living well. Spa Heroes’ subscription base is limited to 1500 individuals with benefits that include Quarterly Refills, Private Sales and luxury spa special offers. “

I really want to see what brands and kinds of beauty products they send out in their first shipments. It is pricy for just one product, but could be worth it. Keep posted to see what’s in Septembers box! 

Kawaii Surprise: A Package of Candy and Snacks straight from Japan!

 Kawaii Surprise: price varies by surprise choice, package reviewed is the Chibi Cool Japan package filled with snacks and candy for $19.99 shipping included.


How cool is it to get a package from another country? I almost want to keep the package since it has all of the neat stamps and Japanese stickers on it. 


Packages from Kawaii Surprise can take between 1-3 weeks to deliver. I believe mine took about a week to get to me. As you can see in the photo everything was really well packed into a plastic bag. Miraculously nothing was smushed or melted and there was so many bright and colorful packages. Super excited to dig in and see what was in there. Please forgive that because I cannot read most of the packaging and there isn’t much in English I am unsure of the names for some of these. 


Kit Kats!- These were I *think* dark chocolate and came individually wrapped in adorable snack size packages

– some kind of chocolate nut mix, really good!


XYLISH- This is a strawberry mint gum, just so so. I am biased since I don’t like to chew gum. 

Sequoia Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Wafer Bar-This was probably my favorite thing to try since I love all things Matcha. This bar is a wafer covered with matcha green tea and white chocolate. It did not disappoint and I wish I had more!


Yummy pink paw print gummies

Poifull Shining- This package contained different flavors of jelly beans. Not my favorite candy (like chocolate!) so I say they are just okay. 


How neat are these chips, they are spaghetti flavored. These aren’t like potato chips, they are triangularly shaped and puffy, but not like a cheeto. They are really yummy.

Love love loved these pringle like chips, the packaging suggests that the flavor is vegetable. There is a distinct hint of wasabi that is just enough to taste and add to the flavor of these. Highly addicting.  


Pokemon- These looked like candy cigarettes. They come separately packaged in the box. These were an interesting hard candy. Id say maybe a little sour, they came in two different flavors but Im not sure what they were. Little P enjoyed it, I think this would be a big hit with any kids. 

Green Apple Mochi Candy- I liked getting to try this but wasn’t a fan of the green apple flavor. Or the texture, I really was expecting it to be softer and more like traditional mochi. 


Fun Extra: Pencil- very cute adding to P’s craft supplies

There was such an awesome variety of products in this one package, Id love to try more. Also considering it came from Japan it didn’t take that long to ship and the cost is included in the price. I thought it was very reasonably priced. There are many different mystery bag options on Kawaii Surprise’s site. I am tempted by one that is completely Matcha snacks and candy. Have you tried Kawaii Surprise or any other service that supplies snacks from overseas? It can be hard to pick out new items when you aren’t sure what’s good or even what’s in a certain product. That’s why I am really enjoying these packages from different countries (Candy German, I loved your box as well). 


*I received this surprise package for free in exchange for my honest review. Thank you Kawaii Surprise for letting me share your service with my readers! 

New Animal Trackers Subscription Box for Kids now 50% Off First Month!


Animal Trackers is a new monthly subscription box for kids. It is $14.95 monthly and targeted for children 3 and up. So far from the reviews I’ve seen it looks like a lot of fun while also letting your kids learn something new. Every month Animal Trackers focuses on one animal and provides different activities to go along with it. You receive an adorable lunchbox with your first month and for every animal you also get an animal magnet for the lunchbox. Super cute! My daughter loves playing with magnets on our fridge, I know she would be all over a lunchbox to collect stuff in. 

Use the code ROAR50 to get your first month for only $7.50 after that it is still very reasonably priced at $14.95 per month. 

Oh, and there is also a Space Scouts for older kids that looks pretty neat too!

August Birchbox

Ok so I got my Birchbox super duper early this month and I feel terrible that I am just now writing about it. Although to be fair, I like to try at least some of the products before posting. What good is a review if you haven’t tried the products yet right?

Birchbox: $10 a month sending awesome beauty samples to your door based off of your beauty profile. They do have a points reward and referral system to be used in their shop, make sure to do product reviews to get BB points! 



Harvey Prince Ageless Body Cream, I love all of the Harvey Prince scents that I’ve gotten to sample so far and this lotion was another win for me. This is a fairly strong scented lotion, you don’t want to layer on any extra perfume with this. I kind of like that about it since I normally forget to wear fragrance these days. It also wears well, normally scents fade really fast on my skin, this one didn’t. The only downside? This has Red33 in it even though Birchbox says that this is a hypoallergenic lotion. There are many who get a bad reaction when using products with this ingredient, just a heads up. 


Neil George Shampoo and Conditioner, This is a new brand for me to try out and I am pleased both with the sample size and that BB sent the set instead of just one to try. Sometimes I feel like hair care products work best when you stick with the same line instead of mixing and matching them. Im not crazy about the scent, it isn’t awful it’s just not for me. I still can’t wait to give it a go and see how it works in my hair. 


nugg face mask-revitalizing, Yay! I never splurge on face masks and I can’t wait to try this out! I like the little pod it comes in. This mask is supposed to revitalize and plump dull tired skin, yes please! As a tired mommy, I will take anything that makes me look less tired and zombie like. 


Laura Geller Cool Lids Eyeshadow in Silver Sands, This was my customized pick for August and it did not disappoint. You only need a little so this tube should last me a while. The color is really pretty and not too dark. You can layer to make it darker or keep it light and more sheer. I used this over my whole eyelid and I like it a lot. It dries quickly and lasts about all day with no smudging or budging. This is a first trying a liquid eyeshadow and I think I’d like to try more shades now. 


All of the items were a win for me this month. Sometimes it’s hit or miss but for August Im happy with all of my products. I also feel like if I saved this for travel all I would need is a little shower gel and lip balm and I would be all set! Since subscribing to BB I have had a much easier time packing my beauty and skincare essentials : ).

On another note: I really like that Birchbox is changing things ups to offer more customization to the boxes. I was debating over whether or not to get the other box option and Im glad I didn’t. My mother in law picked the box that had set samples this month and sadly her Benefit eyeliner was all dried out, did anyone else have that problem? That new eyeliner has been seen everywhere and it does look really neat, but what a downer to have the sample not work.