Kawaii Surprise: A Package of Candy and Snacks straight from Japan!

 Kawaii Surprise: price varies by surprise choice, package reviewed is the Chibi Cool Japan package filled with snacks and candy for $19.99 shipping included.


How cool is it to get a package from another country? I almost want to keep the package since it has all of the neat stamps and Japanese stickers on it. 


Packages from Kawaii Surprise can take between 1-3 weeks to deliver. I believe mine took about a week to get to me. As you can see in the photo everything was really well packed into a plastic bag. Miraculously nothing was smushed or melted and there was so many bright and colorful packages. Super excited to dig in and see what was in there. Please forgive that because I cannot read most of the packaging and there isn’t much in English I am unsure of the names for some of these. 


Kit Kats!- These were I *think* dark chocolate and came individually wrapped in adorable snack size packages

– some kind of chocolate nut mix, really good!


XYLISH- This is a strawberry mint gum, just so so. I am biased since I don’t like to chew gum. 

Sequoia Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Wafer Bar-This was probably my favorite thing to try since I love all things Matcha. This bar is a wafer covered with matcha green tea and white chocolate. It did not disappoint and I wish I had more!


Yummy pink paw print gummies

Poifull Shining- This package contained different flavors of jelly beans. Not my favorite candy (like chocolate!) so I say they are just okay. 


How neat are these chips, they are spaghetti flavored. These aren’t like potato chips, they are triangularly shaped and puffy, but not like a cheeto. They are really yummy.

Love love loved these pringle like chips, the packaging suggests that the flavor is vegetable. There is a distinct hint of wasabi that is just enough to taste and add to the flavor of these. Highly addicting.  


Pokemon- These looked like candy cigarettes. They come separately packaged in the box. These were an interesting hard candy. Id say maybe a little sour, they came in two different flavors but Im not sure what they were. Little P enjoyed it, I think this would be a big hit with any kids. 

Green Apple Mochi Candy- I liked getting to try this but wasn’t a fan of the green apple flavor. Or the texture, I really was expecting it to be softer and more like traditional mochi. 


Fun Extra: Pencil- very cute adding to P’s craft supplies

There was such an awesome variety of products in this one package, Id love to try more. Also considering it came from Japan it didn’t take that long to ship and the cost is included in the price. I thought it was very reasonably priced. There are many different mystery bag options on Kawaii Surprise’s site. I am tempted by one that is completely Matcha snacks and candy. Have you tried Kawaii Surprise or any other service that supplies snacks from overseas? It can be hard to pick out new items when you aren’t sure what’s good or even what’s in a certain product. That’s why I am really enjoying these packages from different countries (Candy German, I loved your box as well). 


*I received this surprise package for free in exchange for my honest review. Thank you Kawaii Surprise for letting me share your service with my readers! 

New Subscription Boxes Giveaways and Codes!

I have been seeing a bunch of interesting subscription boxes lately so I wanted to make sure I shared anything with my lovely readers. If you have anything awesome to add leave me a comment and I will add it to the list. 


SporkPack-$28.34 per month. SporkPack is the only monthly subscription club for all things food. Each month, SporkPack handpicks 6-8 new items, ranging from kitchen gadgets to unique cooking essentials and rare delectable treats to include in your pack. To skip the waiting list use the code JULYINVITE then get 20% off using the code NEWFRIENDS.

Pick Me Up– a new monthly or seasonal all natural sweets box $24.99 use code PMU914 to get 20% off your first box or for 3-6 month subs use PMUGIFT


The Music Box– $10 a month to have new music and related surprises sent to you monthly. I really like the concept of this one, I haven’t listened to anything but the radio in forever!


Kawaii Surprise– price varies, different options of Japanese snacks and adorable cute things like stationary and stickers etc. Look for my review soon!


Spa Heroes– $39 a month or as low as $33 with plan, delivers one full size beauty product (retailing between 50-100) chosen by beauty experts. All products free of villainous ingredients! First shipment is in September. Free downloadable pocket guide : can be found on their site and on their FB page


Read Craft Bake– $30 monthly (ships from Canada so $25 for Canadians : ) )sends a book with corresponding craft and recipe to make with your little ones


Animal Trackers Club– $14.95 a month to have a special package delivered to your child that is themed around a different animal every month, there is also Space Scouts as well for older 6+ kids. 


Try the World– celebrating the launch of their new website has a giveaway to win a full year of Try the World Boxes, ends August 17th so enter now!  This is a great subscription to try new things from a different place in every box. I tried the Paris box and was impressed with the amount of love that went into the curation and presentation of this subscription. 

Quarterly– has a sale on some old boxes some of which look pretty neat!

That’s all I have for now have a good night : )


July Orange Glad Review and $5 Off Code

 IMG_4210 July’s Sweet Box from Orange Glad was another hit in our house and as usual did not last long. The sweet Box is a monthly dessert subscription box that is $21.95($15.00+$6.95 shipping) per month. Each month you receive 5 different sugar coma inducing sweets and all of them come from smaller bakeries. This is a wonderful way to support small businesses and try something new that you may never have even known about. I am an avid baker myself so I am a harsh critic when it comes to desserts. I can honestly say that while some items I have tried have been just good, I have found some desserts that I have really enjoyed and will be getting more of. Last month’s sample from Lily’s Bakery and May’s Italian Butterhorns from Cici’s are two that stand out. Orange Glad even has an online shop that you can order more of the sweets that you loved in the box. 

Orange Glad does a really great job at packaging but this month they just went and got that much sweeter. I mean just check out that cute paper for the sweets. It feels like I just got a really thoughtful gift in the mail when I get this box. 

IMG_4198  IMG_4203   

Seattle’s Favorite Gourmet Cookies and Dessert Co. Cranberry Muffin Top: Normally I am not a fan of cranberries in baked good but this was an exception. My daughter and I gobbled this up, it was soft and just the right amount of sweet. I want more for our morning breakfast time. 


Chocolate Maven Hazelnut Cheesecake Brownie: I didn’t like this too much. I didn’t taste any hazelnut and though the consistency was all wrong for the cheese cake topping. IMG_4216

Orange Glad Ice Dream Sandwich- I think it’s really neat that Orange Glad made some of it’s own sweets. This cookie was good but it wasn’t that great either. I like that it’s a take on combining a butter cookie and frosting but I think it needed more frosting for the filling. Regardless of my opinion the hubby still liked this, so it just varies from person to person .


Lily’s Bakery Shop Chocolate Babka: Again something I really enjoyed from Lily’s Bakery Shop. We all enjoyed trying this chocolatey cake. I would love this my coffee in the morning, just sweet enough. 

IMG_4226 Gianna’s Homemade Baked Goods Freedom Star Sugar Cookies: Really good sugar cookies! Love these for the 4th, Ill have to remember them for next July or check out what other sugar cookie themes they have. 



This has been another month of yummy sweets from Orange Glad. I would like to see a little more variety as far as the bakeries but everything else was fabulous! The past few months I have gotten the chance to try sweets I have never heard of along with classic favorites like sugar cookies. I never knew what a babka was, but I am sure glad I do now. I want to order some more, mmmm. 

Interested in subscribing to Orange Glad? Enter the code ANTONIAOG3316 to get $5 towards your first box making it $16.95 for your first one! 


Disclosure: This complimentary box was received for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


June Orange Glad Sweets Box




I have finally finished working my way through the wonderful treats sent in this month’s Orange Glad box. Orange Glad is a gourmet dessert box that sends monthly deliveries of sweet treats to your door. I have been lucky enough to sample this box a few times now for review and I can say this is a consistent company. Every month Orange Glad takes care to package everything very nicely and nothing has ever arrived broken or melting.


This month’s box was like a surprise within a surprise! Normally the treats are in the brown box. This month they changed things up and put all the sweets in one nice gift box. This really would make a nice gift for someone. IMG_3871

All the items inside the gift box were individually packaged in clear bags and ties with a bow.



The product card was nicely done with plenty of important information that you might need to know. The card tells you what you are sampling, where it’s from, what the ingredients are and how long it will keep for (in case you don’t eat everything in one sitting!).


Stonehenge Baking Co. Lemon Bar

Last month’s box included a gluten free brownie from Stonehenge Co. and while both of these items were good I wasn’t blown away. I am an avid baker and I have made lemon bars with fresh lemon curd so my husband and I are very biased. I would like to have seen an item from a different company instead of the same one.


Rip Van Wafels Traditional Amsterdam Wafel

Okay the reason why I don’t have a picture of the actual wafel is that it was eaten before I got to take one! Luckily I have tried these before and can vouch that they are delicious. If you haven’t tried these before the wafels are the size of coffee mugs. You take it and place it over a mug filled with the hot beverage of your choosing and let it warm the wafel. I love cookies with coffee and tea in the morning. If I saw these around more I would probably buy them. The wafels aren’t too sweet and are perfect with my morning cup of coffee.


The Cravery Salted Caramel Cream Cookie

There were mixed reviews on this cookie, my fiance didn’t like it and thought it was too salty. I really enjoyed it though because I love that mix of sweet and salty and I think this was delicious. If you enjoyed the cookie this month or just love cookies I saw that The Cravery has their very own cookie subscription box.


Cheryl’s Buttercream Summer Cookie

Okay so this cookie was not smushed during shipping. It was in an effort to wrestle this away from P that it got damaged. Originally this came in it’s own packaging and was completely sealed and unbroken.  We all really enjoyed trying this delicious sugar cookie. It was very buttery and soft, you can’t go wrong with that now can you?


Lily’s Bakery Shop Hamantashen

I have never heard of hamantashen cookies! I mean, I feel like Ive seen this kind of cookie but never tried them? Who knows, but these are yummy. Im not even sure what kind of fruit filling is in them but the whole family loved these.

This was another month of fun trying new sweet treats with my family. Of everything I get in the mail I think Orange Glad is their favorite! We have a serious sweet tooth problem at our house and dessert is always welcome : )

If your interested in trying out Orange Glad you can use YUMMY10 for your first box to get 10% off. Orange Glad also sells items from previous boxes in their shop online if you wanted to get more of something you liked.


*** All opinions and thoughts in this review are my own, I was given this box free to review and was not compensated in any other way

June Pop Sugar Must Have Box

Sometimes Pop Sugar can be hit or miss, this month I think their box is fabulous! PSMH is one of the more expensive women’s monthly subscriptions out there, but right now at least there is a $10 off coupon to use which makes it a steal at $30.

First looks of June’s box:

IMG_3841  IMG_3842


You Smell Lemon Verbena Aloe Wet Wipes- $8

I love the packaging from this brand! I haven’t opened them yet but since I haven’t put them in my bag. There have been many moments recently where I wish I had a hand wipe. These are going to get put in my backpack asap.


The One and Only By Emily Griffin- $16.52

Hawaiian BBQ Chips- $2

I am happy to see this book, it doesn’t look like the kind of story I would read though. Boo! I will read it anyway since I never have time to get books for myself. Every time I bring P to Barnes and Nobles she starts running around like crazy and reorganizes all the stuffed animals in the kids section! I know I could order books online but it just isn’t the same as getting to browse the isles in person.


Sachajuan Body Lotion in Shiny Citrus- $24

Lollies Hair Ties- $8

This lotion is lightweight and from what I read free of parabens. It doesn’t hurt that it has a wonderful light citrusy scent. I was worried I wouldn’t like a scent titled “shiny citrus” but this isn’t your drug store variety fake orange smell. This has notes of fresh citrus and jasmine. The Lollies hair ties are great, there isn’t a day you won’t see me without a hair tie in or on my wrist. What I think is really awesome about these is the material. Lollies hair ties are made from swimsuit material! I am now considering cutting up an old bikini (which I will never wear again after having a baby) and trying to make my own. If I am successful you bet I will post with details on how to make them!


Turkish T Mykonos Breeze Towel- $32

Ok the only picture of this towel I have is the one above. Why didn’t I take another? Well because my little girl P has a fun time un-boxing with me and loves this towel! She ripped it right out and draped it around herself like a dress. This towel is wonderful not only for her but for me when we go to splash parks this summer and hopefully for when we take a trip to the beach. I end up using the wrap from last summer’s Pop Sugar box all the time around the house so I know this one will get used frequently.

This is such a great summer box it has everything you need to have a great trip at the beach, park or even backyard. I bought this because I know without a doubt I will use every item in this box. Plus with the promotion you cannot beat all these summer essentials for that price!

May Orange Glad Box


I recently got my Orange Glad subscription box in the mail and I would have posted sooner but I wanted to taste test all the goodies first! Orange Glad is a gourmet dessert subscription box. Each month they send a wonderful variety of deserts from different smaller businesses. This is a somewhat new subscription box and I think it’s really great. The subscriber (yours truly) gets to sample a wide range of gourmet sweets without having to order them in bulk or do research to find said small business. The smaller bakeries and shops also benefit my spreading the word about their product through Orange Glad. If there is one thing I love it is to support small businesses.



From the first look I really couldn’t tell what was in the box, which only made me more excited to rip into it!


Here is the front and back of the May product card.


Baking Betty’s Award Winning S’more Cookie and Peanut Butter Cup Cookie – $3.50(one big cookie would be almost $2)

Okay so this cookie is huge! Not to mention soft and delicious I loved the toasted marshmallows in the S’mores cookie. The peanut butter cup cookie was smaller and still good but I thought it could have had more chocolate in it. If you love cookies and would order them in large quantities I would check out Baking Betty. There was a really adorable circus animal cookie in her shop that looked yummy, but there are also other choices like classic oatmeal raisin and caramel apple.


Cici’s Italian Butterhorns-$2.50

IMG_3623 IMG_3563

Welsh Cakes- Orange Cranberry-$2.50

These are really interesting! At first glance I thought they were cookies but they aren’t. Welsh cakes are more like scones and aren’t baked but made in a griddle. I warmed ours up and drizzled them with honey for breakfast and both P and I really enjoyed them.


Fine Sconehedge Baking Company Gluten-Free Ultimate Brownie-$2.50

I was wondering how good this would be even though it was gluten free. The answer? Pretty gosh darn good! These are moist and really rich chocolate, I couldn’t eat but a small piece of it at once.

Say maybe you wouldn’t want sweets every month? Orange Glad still would make a “sweet” present for say your dad or husband for Father’s Day coming up. Or even “sweeten” up things at work by getting a corporate gift subscription. Can you imagine how much people would love you if they got to eat a s’mores cookie instead of say a chips ahoy? Just putting it out there for consideration.


Foodie Pen Pals October Package


Behold the wonderful goodies my pen pal sent me this month! I am addicted to subscription boxes but this is so much fun to take part in every month. Foodie Pen Pals is hosted by Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean. Every month all you do is sign up and then wait to for an email. In that email are all of the pen pal matches for the month. For October I received a package from Jillian over at www.hersplitends.com. We are both vegetarians but Jillian is also gluten free so it was a bit of a challenge for me to come up with items to send. But that it kind of the fun part, every month you get to meet someone new from a different state. This month I sent some homemade pumpkin spice merengue cookies and some other gluten free things that I hope she enjoys. Although I think she probably sent the better package.

IMG_2328 IMG_2329

I love Go Picnic! For a busy mom these are so awesome to have on hand so that I can actually eat lunch! I also wanted to show a picture of this quinoa package she sent. This brand Simply Balanced is new to me and Ive seen it at Target. How convenient is this! Microwavable quinoa presto, done and ready to go. She also sent me some tea and cocoa perfect for the fall. And also some yummy trail mix and this neat Skillet mix that Im excited to try out.

Thank you so sososo much to Jillian over at Her Split Ends

Blissmo Mini Snack Box

IMG_2084 IMG_2077

I mentioned a while back that Plum District was having a deal on Blissmo mini snack boxes. Blissmo Box is a subscription service that sends a monthly package of personal care and healthy food items. If you subscribe for $19.95 a month then each month there are usually options for what themed box you want. I never knew that they offered the mini snack box and so I bought the deal on Plum. The mini snack box is $10 and I ended up getting two so Im going to review both.

Box #1

IMG_2078 IMG_2079

Honey Stinger Organic Honey Chews in Pink Lemonade

Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins for Grown Ups

Yum I think these honey chews are my favorite new thing, they are so good! I think they taste more of honey than pink lemonade but they are addictive. They also have a whole bunch of Vitamin C in each serving. The Smarty Pants vitamins are really yummy, I’ve tried them before and wolfed them down.


Numi Savory Tea in Tomato Mint

I am really excited to try this. When I first got a sample of Millie’s Savory tea I really enjoyed it and ordered more. I love the mint tea that Numi makes so I bet this will be good. I think savory teas are fantastic for cold weather and for when you have a cold. It makes my whole insides all warm and comforted.


Sencha Green Tea Leaf Mints in Dragon fruit

For every 3 mints it’s the equivalent to drinking a cup of green tea. This is great and yummy. I’ve never had a dragon fruit and Im not even sure what they look like. But at least these mints taste good. I do love green tea, especially matcha. If you’ve ever had matcha green tea flavored mints they are so good!



At first glance I was unimpressed with this snack because we love bananas in our house and eat them everyday. Why do we need it in this form? They are intimidating at first because they turn dark brown. These are good thought and I love that it has just the one ingredient and nothing else. Browning of bananas is completely natural so nothing to worry about. This pouch is also resealable which is nice and my daughter liked chewing on these, another win.

Box #2

IMG_2085 IMG_2088

Might Leaf Iced Tea 

Eat Green Tea

I like Mighty Leaf iced teas but the edible green tea not so much. I put this in a smoothie and I don’t think I blended it well enough because the texture was that of like little twigs or tea leaves in my mouth. I think I would rather just drink it than eat it. Maybe if it was in powder form…



Pur Spearmint Gum



Gin Gins Ginger Candy

Love ginger candy especially the peanut chews.

So from these two boxes it seems like Blissmo includes a snack a tea and a gum or mint in each mini snack box. At least that’s how mine were. Have you ever gotten one or a box from Blissmo? I do really love those Honey Stinger chews.

September Taste Guru and Promo for 2 Free Months!


Taste Guru is a service that sends a monthly shipment of completely gluten free food. This is a really great idea for someone who has Celiac’s and would make a great gift. While I don’t have any trouble eating gluten I thought this service sent some really great items and wanted to try it out. I was blown away by how big and heavy the box was when the delivery man dropped off my first box.


Here is a first look of the products neatly assembled in the box.


Viviana Sweet Potato Fettuccine- $6.99

I am already planning a recipe to make with this delicious looking sweet potato pasta. I love trying different varieties of pasta and also recently found a chocolate raspberry pasta to experiment with as well. This fettuccine is gluten free and made with rice flour and sweet potatoes of course! I also think it was nice that Taste Guru sent out a email with a recipe using the pasta, just in case you needed some ideas.


Sea Turf Pacific Smoked Salmon Chowder-$6.99

This looks so good. I don’t often eat smoked salmon but when I do it’s a real treat. I usually eat it on an everything bagel with red onions and capers. This soup is going to be great when the weather finally cools down.  I think the pouch packaging is the best. I hate using my can opener and this way you can microwave the pouch and pour it into a bowl. Isn’t it the worst when you burn yourself grabbing a hot bowl out of the microwave? Or is that just me that does that? Anyway…taking a look at this company it seems like they put a lot of care into making a premium product, so I hope it’s up to scratch!

IMG_2105 IMG_2106

Cook Simple Tamale Pie- $5.00

This box has some neat directions on the back so I had to include a picture of it. Im not too much of a fan of chili but this is still a good pantry item. Especially for a night when you are too tired to figure out dinner. This does need extra items to make it, but I think the extras are items one normally has on hand anyway.


Glutino Strawberry Breakfast Bars- $5.00

I have been giving these to my daughter to snack on and she likes them a lot . I also tried them and they tasted pretty good.


Toufayan Wraps- $3.50

I liked making some tuna wraps with these. From what I’ve heard it can be hard to find a gf wrap that doesn’t rip on you. These too seemed like they were on the brink of ripping but didn’t “whew”.


Rocky Mountain Naked Popcorn- $1.25

This was gobbled up immediately. It was good popcorn and I wish there was more. I still think it’s hilarious that my little girl loves popcorn so much. I was worried about it being a choking hazard when I gave her some for the first time. To my surprise even though she still doesn’t have all her baby teeth in she loved it! So basically any popcorn is good with us.

I used a special code to get this box cheaper which is why I decided to try it out. If you want to try Taste Guru then use the code 2FREE to get 2 months for $24. Considering this box was definitely worth more than $12 and Im going to eat everything I would say that’s a great deal!

September Goodies Kid Box Review

IMG_2006  IMG_2007

Just got our Goodies Box for Kids this week! Goodies boxes are only $7 and even though they can be hit or miss my family usually enjoys trying everything in the box. I used to get the normal one but I switched to the new kids box to see if I got anything fun to try for P.


Since this is the kid’s box Goodies has so far been making them so that the kids can decorate them. The first box had a bunch of doodles to color in. This box in contrast is blank so that the kids can draw and decorate it however they want.



Nesquik Cookies in Chocolate and Strawberry (2 packs)

I tried the chocolate cookies, which I think would be good with some milk. I would say these are similar to oreos but not as good.

IMG_2011 IMG_2012

Cow Wow Now Cereal Milk Organic Chocolate

I haven’t tried this one yet but it looks yummy. I could never pass up chocolate milk and I know P will like trying it.


Sour Power Straws in Strawberry

These are fat free and pretty sour. Not much else I can say since I didn’t eat them. I passed them on to A since these aren’t for me.


Oogies Kettle Corn

IMG_2016  IMG_2018

Animeals Organic Pasta Sauce

AHH I was super happy about this item. Organic mild flavored, less acidic tomato sauce made especially for kids? This is a great idea.