August Birchbox

Ok so I got my Birchbox super duper early this month and I feel terrible that I am just now writing about it. Although to be fair, I like to try at least some of the products before posting. What good is a review if you haven’t tried the products yet right?

Birchbox: $10 a month sending awesome beauty samples to your door based off of your beauty profile. They do have a points reward and referral system to be used in their shop, make sure to do product reviews to get BB points! 



Harvey Prince Ageless Body Cream, I love all of the Harvey Prince scents that I’ve gotten to sample so far and this lotion was another win for me. This is a fairly strong scented lotion, you don’t want to layer on any extra perfume with this. I kind of like that about it since I normally forget to wear fragrance these days. It also wears well, normally scents fade really fast on my skin, this one didn’t. The only downside? This has Red33 in it even though Birchbox says that this is a hypoallergenic lotion. There are many who get a bad reaction when using products with this ingredient, just a heads up. 


Neil George Shampoo and Conditioner, This is a new brand for me to try out and I am pleased both with the sample size and that BB sent the set instead of just one to try. Sometimes I feel like hair care products work best when you stick with the same line instead of mixing and matching them. Im not crazy about the scent, it isn’t awful it’s just not for me. I still can’t wait to give it a go and see how it works in my hair. 


nugg face mask-revitalizing, Yay! I never splurge on face masks and I can’t wait to try this out! I like the little pod it comes in. This mask is supposed to revitalize and plump dull tired skin, yes please! As a tired mommy, I will take anything that makes me look less tired and zombie like. 


Laura Geller Cool Lids Eyeshadow in Silver Sands, This was my customized pick for August and it did not disappoint. You only need a little so this tube should last me a while. The color is really pretty and not too dark. You can layer to make it darker or keep it light and more sheer. I used this over my whole eyelid and I like it a lot. It dries quickly and lasts about all day with no smudging or budging. This is a first trying a liquid eyeshadow and I think I’d like to try more shades now. 


All of the items were a win for me this month. Sometimes it’s hit or miss but for August Im happy with all of my products. I also feel like if I saved this for travel all I would need is a little shower gel and lip balm and I would be all set! Since subscribing to BB I have had a much easier time packing my beauty and skincare essentials : ).

On another note: I really like that Birchbox is changing things ups to offer more customization to the boxes. I was debating over whether or not to get the other box option and Im glad I didn’t. My mother in law picked the box that had set samples this month and sadly her Benefit eyeliner was all dried out, did anyone else have that problem? That new eyeliner has been seen everywhere and it does look really neat, but what a downer to have the sample not work.