Bath Time Box: February First Box Review!

Bath Time Box is a brand new subscription box from Canada! Monthly subscriptions start at $29.00, shipping included. Every box will include 5 full and deluxe sized products. I just received the first ever box in the mail and it did not disappoint! The box arrived on my step and it smelled amazing and was heavier than I expected bath products would be!



Va Va Voom Vanilla Bath Bomb-$6.75

This was the first product I tried and it smelled deliciously of vanilla and fizzed up great in the bath!


Mango Madness Sugar Scrub-$10.00

This body scrub was also used immediately so I smelled awesomely of mango and vanilla! I have to talk about the scent because some products smell awful or are too strong so even if they work wonders I don’t want to use them. Not the case with this month’s Bath Time Box. I also wanted to add in that this scrub is really great and thick. Other scrubs have become separated because there is so much oil. This scrub is completely different and it is very dense. It made my skin smooth and didn’t irritate it.


Pamper Me Clay Soap-$6.75

This is made with two clays and can be used on face and body. I know some people have a preference when it comes to soap and body wash. Personally I love using both and can’t wait to try this!


Hawaiian Gardenia Bath Salts-$10.75

I love Gardenias, it’s one of my favorite flowers! I can’t wait to pour this in and soak in the tub.


Tub Love Bath Truffles-$?

This is made with cocoa and shea butter. It smells very strongly of cocoa butter so I am holding out using this until my poor winter wrecked skin really needs it! I can only dream of the wonderful smooth skin that could come from a bath using this.

Oh how I love bath products, and how I love this box. My go to stress relief is to take a bath. Normally I get gifts from Lush but I find them to be completely overpriced and overrated. This box isn’t cheap. But in one month’s box I can spread it out to last me longer than a month, and then I wouldn’t have to get one every month.Although I would hate not to since I take a lot of baths! All of the products are all natural and homemade with love, another plus. Considering that it ships from Canada I think $29 a month is reasonable for 5 amazing products. Im a fan, has anyone else tried this box or know of any other great bath boxes or brands? If your looking for a great gift for yourself or special someone go check out Bath Time Box!

Special Promotions going on now:

Get 20%off your first month with code MARCH20.

March only Special – use code THREEFORFREE on any new three month subscription and receive our special All Natural Lip Lovers Gift Set.  Each set includes an extra large 2 oz Strawberry Lip Lovers Lip Scrub and a .25 ounce Lip Balm in assorted flavours (chocolate, strawberry, cherry, and peppermint).

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