Sugarbash Reveal!


Sugarbash is a super new women’s subscription box. Frankly it is so new that I couldn’t even find a review of it online. Since I was dying to know what was in it I asked them if they would send a box for me to review. Lucky me they said yes! Sugarbash boxes are valued at typically 50-60 dollars and sell for $25. Only full size items are included and from a variety of brands. Their goal is to let subscribers try products before making a purchase. The more feedback from subscribers the better they plan on personalizing future boxes. So here it is! A reveal of what you’ll get in a box from Sugarbash:


First look, lots of variety.


Treats from the Popcorn Factory

There was a bag of jelly beans and a caramel turtle included, of course any kind of sugar is welcome in our house. Nothing wrong with sweets in a subscription box.


Kuhn Rikon Swiss Vegetable Peeler, $8.00

This is cute and I love the color. I am hoping it works well because Id like to replace my old boring black peeler.


Cotton Towels from, $4.00

These little towels are cute and are coming with me to the gym. A nice refreshing towel will be nice to cool down after a hard workout. I am hoping the different scents will be subtle and I can’t wait to try the make up remover.


Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum, $60 and FULL SIZE!

This serum gets good reviews and I am super happy to have gotten it in this box from Sugarbash. It’s supposed to help clear and prevent the appearance of sun spots. I have some discoloration on my face so we shall see how this works for me. Since it is full size I have plenty of product to use to see results.

Dianne Reeves, A Beautiful Life, $15.00

Sorry no picture is included from me, my daughter goes wild for subscription boxes and took it before I could take a picture. I am excited to find it and take it with us in the car. Dianne reeves has positive reviews and is a jazz artist which I like.


Helios Self Tanning Towel, $15.00

I have never heard of this brand before, but I am excited to try it. I am also scared because Im not too great with self tanner. This product gets good reviews on Amazon. One review said that they reused it a few times to deepen their tan. It seems fairly easy to use and hopefully will leave me tan and streak free. Im going to save it for our next vacation to Florida so Im not so ghostly white!

This box had lots of different products and I am really satisfied with the variety and quality. The value was way above the special price of $25 that is listed right now. I am going to be using all of these products and am always happy to try some new brands. If you are interested in a hint for March’s theme here it is: You will want this box for your spring break ! Dont forget to use discount code Spring !

*All prices estimated based on internet search. This box was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review.

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