Grilled Vegetable Salad


What are some good summer salads? Is it me or does the heat just make me less hungry. I don’t like heavy meals in the summertime. A nice light salad is more satisfying but it can be hard for me to throw one together. 

It is getting super hot around here and I can’t stand being in the kitchen for too long before it feels like Im going to pass out. It is much easier to get more creative and cook outside on the grill. This salad is one of those less fussy recipes that can be made on the grill. I loved this and found the recipe in one of Martha Stewart’s magazines. It is really simple especially if you bought pre washed and sliced vegetables. I didn’t but it didn’t take that long to prep.

For the grill I put on eggplant, tomatoes, red onion,portobello mushrooms and zucchini. The recipe also calls for halloumi cheese but my grocery store didn’t have it, I used a special cheese used for grilling instead. All you have to do once everything is sliced is drizzle some oil, salt and pepper. They cook on the grill for maybe 10 minutes or less and presto you’ve got a great lunch or dinner. To assemble the salad wash and cut up romaine lettuce hearts and basil. There was a way to make the dressing with the grilled tomatoes and basil but I didn’t make it and just enjoyed them mixed into the salad. Im pretty sure you could make any variation of salad dressing to go with this. As well as mixing up the vegetables for what you have on hand. 


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