July Julep Maven Bombshell Box

A lovely bright purple box arrived in the mail from Julep Maven last week. I have been skipping Julep for a while since it’s just not practical for me to spend the money on all that nail polish. This month I totally forgot to skip, but now that I got my box Im super happy with the colors.


Just as a reminder:

 Julep Maven is a monthly nail polish subscription that is $24.99 a month for new subscribers. Since starting the service they have branched out and now offer beauty products. I have gotten some great hand scrub and cream eyeshadow from them in the past.

This month’s collection was called Poolside Collection. In every box you receive two polishes and an extra. I was excited for the body milk that came as the extra in this months box. Im not too big on the scent but I go through lotion like crazy so at least I know it will get used.


If you are interested in joining Julep there are always fantastic deals, especially getting your first box free! Just enter the code FREEBOX


Julep Maven is great when it comes to customizing your order you can choose which style to go with or you can opt to buy the whole collection. When you subscribe you get member perks like the monthly  secret store and bargain priced add-ons to monthly box purchases. 


Lissa- a really great bold turquoise creme polish

Beverly- a purple creme polish described as boysenberry 


Bare Body Milk- It is described as having a beachy scent but Im on the fence about that. This lotion does have some neat sounding ingredients. One of the ingredients is orange peel which is supposed to brighten the skin and also milk thistle to protect the skin against environmental factors and lock in moisture. 

I am pretty happy with my new polishes and I don’t have anything else in a similar shade. The body milk could be better, but it is a big tube of it and I will use it up this summer. 

Id love to see more swatches of the other colors from the Poolside Collection this month. Feel free to share in the comments below. 

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