August Julep Maven: Classic with a Twist

AugustMaven_LP_HeroJulep Maven: now customizable with plenty of neat add ons for your monthly nail fix, here is the link to their new nail polish color page:, thanks Abbey!

Julep Maven is first and foremost all about nail polish but has also widened it’s scope to include products for nail care, makeup and skin care. Every month the Maven box includes 2 polishes and a beauty extra, then you can add on extra options

Cost: $19.99 a month with 3 month subscription (right now get your first month free with code FREESIZZLE) or $24.99 monthly

While I know I don’t need more nail polish I just couldn’t help but use up all of those Jules on these absolutely gorgeous colors from August’s Wanderlust collection. 


I loved all of the polish colors this month, but I decided to go with Classic with a Twist and add on one other shade I really liked.  


Avni- African Violet shimmer


Waleska- eucalyptus green chrome with gold iridescence 


Katie- orchid iridescent chrome


 Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Taupe Shimmer

This eyeliner is actually quite nice. Im not a religious user of eye liner mainly because I keep my routine simple. This goes on smoothly and really does last all day. It didn’t smudge which is awesome in an eyeliner. I hate getting that dark bag look under my eyes from my eye makeup smudging. This color is darker than I thought but works well for a lighter smoky eye look. 


This month’s polishes were super awesome! I find it hard to get too excited about nail polish but wow I love the colors. The green Waleska reminds me of a mermaid’s tail. The other two polishes, Avni and Katie are both so shimmery and pretty. I know I will use these shades a lot. The eye liner was surprisingly a win for me, I have been using it more frequently than I had thought that I would. I want to see what kinds of designs mavens come up with for the Wanderlust collection. Has anyone tried a fun design for their mani lately?

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