July Treatsie Sweet Goodness in a monthly box and New Customer Deal!


Treatsie Artisan Sweets box focuses completely on candy. It’s a bit pricey at $19.95 monthly, but that’s because it sends small batch made, quality and more unique candy than the run of the mill grocery store candy bar. For that I took advantage of their current promotion right now making the first box $4.95.


I couldn’t believe how huge the package was when it arrived on my doorstep last week. The candy box is small itself but my package was huge due to the insane effort to insulate the box. The ability for Treatsie to send me unmelted chocolate bars in July is just darn impressive and I think the shipping charge is more than reasonable when you see how well they package their boxes to ensure nothing is damaged. 

When I got through all the packaging I found my box just that, completely undamaged and well wrapped. 

IMG_4341   IMG_4344

Their was a small product card on top to let me know what was sampled for July. 

IMG_4352 IMG_4353 

Shotwell Candy Co. Old Fashioned Cocktail Caramels and Hand- Crushed Espresso Caramels-These are delicious, I have tried many times to make my own caramel. Let me tell you I think it would be much easier to get these instead. I love the unique flavor combo that we received to sample. I thought both flavors were fantastic and the caramels weren’t to hard and were very buttery. 


Seattle Chocolates: Milk Truffle, Dark Truffle and Total Toffee Truffle Bars $3.50 each- I was really hoping to get chocolate! Not only did I get one bar, I got three! Yay! If I had to choose a favorite candy it would of course be chocolate and these truffle bars are delicious. The packaging is also really great and I am loving the bright colors.


Raley’s Confectionary: Treatsie Variety Mix $6– I haven’t tried hard candy like this before and they look so pretty in the bag I almost want to put them out for decoration. I enjoyed the fruity flavors and I almost wish they came in a small tin so I could put some in my purse. Oh and while writing this I checked the ingredients and it does say that they use natural colors and flavors, nothing artificial!

IMG_4357  IMG_4355 

I really enjoyed the variety of sweets this month, I am wishing hopefully that I will see their subscription service on sale on Groupon or something so its a bit more affordable. I never knew how good hard candy could be and all of the flavors in the mix are delicious. 


Bottom line, take advantage of trying a box for $5, it’s worth it! I already canceled because it’s not in my budget and it is super easy to do, no hassle. I really enjoyed trying Treatsie and another bonus, they have all the sweets available in their shop for purchase if you want more! 

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