July 2014 Birchbox


   Whew I am in love with Birchbox right now. Even when they mess up, their customer service cannot be beat! Any issue or request I have had Birchbox has been wonderful. With this month’s July box I ordered one of the “Power Up” options and since it is going to be late they credited me $10 in the BB shop. What’s best is that they addressed the issue before I even had to contact them. I still haven’t gotten my rechargeable phone battery that I ordered but I hope it comes soon, I am always re-charging a dying phone before headed out the door.

Birchbox teamed up with Women’s Health Magazine again this year to curate July’s box and I really like the box design!


Ruffian Nail Polish and Bonus Nail Polish Remover Wipe: This was not technically my choice, I originally picked the lip stain but it didn’t work (and then the only nail polish that was left was this one). I don’t mind though because I don’t have a silver polish and this formula is great. I put on a single coat of polish and it hasn’t chipped and looks good. As an added plus I really like the cute chess like bottles that Ruffian comes in. 

IMG_4301 IMG_4302 

Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel: I am so excited for this product and because of the high price I am glad I have the sample to try out first. I have never tried a facial peel before this one. Supposedly it will clear up any acne and basically make my skin radiant. I have tried this once. It is a clear gel and doesn’t have much scent to it. After leaving it on my face for 30 seconds I followed the directions and massaged the product into my skin for 3 minutes. I feel like it did exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. My face didn’t look much different but I wasn’t expecting such quick results. This isn’t the biggest size sample but it should last me a few uses, hopefully enough to see results.  


Naobay Body Radiance Lotion: This is probably the least favorite item in my box mainly because I dislike the scent. I love that this is a natural and organic lotion free of parabens, dyes, petrochemicals-basically any of the “bad stuff” which is always what I try and use. This lotion has shea butter, aloe vera, avocado oil and olive oil, so it is a nice lotion. I really wish I liked the scent more. I am a huge fan of aloe vera and I have used it for sun burns my whole life so anything with that as an ingredient has to be decent. IMG_4299

Benefit Posie Balm: How adorable is Benefit’s packaging? I love the look of their entire line and I have really loved anything that I have tried from them. This posie balm is just a pink tint, nice and sheer. The balm goes on smooth and this teeny tube is great to take with me on the go. 

IMG_4304 Beauty Protector Deep Conditioning Hair Mask: I am so glad that these samples came like this and not in a foil packet! I love this line and thanks to BB I have now tried the shampoo, conditioner, protector spray, oil and now this deep conditioner. It all smells sweet and fantastic, the lack of harmful ingredients is also pretty great. No sulfates or parabens, however I think they might have put in artificial color for this mask (it has a slightly pink tint).  


Along with the usual product card Birchbox also included Power Up challenge cards and a free subscription to Women’s Health. Also note that if you don’t want this subscription you can ask for a rebate of $10 instead! Thank you Women’s Health!


This month was much better than last month’s and had some neat new beauties to try out! I am really excited for the new choice options, at least once the kinks have been worked out. If you want to take advantage of a good deal I think the codes WOMENSHEALTH100 and BBFAB100 should still work to give new subscribers a $10 credit in the BB shop. If you already subscribe you can cancel and then re-subscribe using the code and it will still work!  And don’t forget about bonus points for doing product reviews! Is anyone as excited for August’s box as I am? I think after July’s issues it should go more smoothly for August with the new box options. I just picked mine out today: I went with the cream eyeshadow. What did you pick or would you rather it be a surprise?



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