Monday Subscription Box Deals: Great deals on Gilt City!


Today on Gilt City there is deal for Birchbox, Green Kid Crafts (this deal ends in 2 hours) and Mantry. Lately there have been a lot of great deals to be found for Birchbox but I almost never see any kind of deal for Mantry. Mantry, “the modern man’s pantry” is a food subscription box that is normally $75 plus $10 for shipping. On Gilt City today you can get the crate for $40 plus shipping, a much better deal! I have never gotten a box but have seen many reviews and all are fairly positive. This would make an excellent gift for a guy or anyone who loves to cook. If you get one let me know how it works out!

orig Birchbox is on Gilt City today as well with a deal for new subscribers. For $99 you receive an annual membership and a $25 credit for the Birchbox shop. If that’s too much for you there is also an awesome promo code for a $10 credit in the BB shop when you sign up for a monthly subscription just use the code: bbfab100 or womenshealth100. *Note that if you already have a membership you can still cancel and re-sub so you get the credit, if you already received July’s box you will be pre-paying for August’s box.  



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