July Love With Food Box and Discount Offer


I decided to re subscribe to Love with Food after a very long time off. I just felt like getting some fun new snacks to try out for P and I. I think all parents can agree that right when you think your kids like something and you buy a whole bunch of it, then they don’t eat, am I right? Ok, maybe not always but quite often that has happened to us, like when we bought a bulk package of mandarin oranges from Cotsco…

Anyway, I really like Love with Food‘s mission to feed not only it’s customers but also hungry children in need. For every box purchased LWF donates a meal to a child. Since starting their service they have expanded their box options to now include the tasting box: $12 a month, the deluxe: $19.95 and the newest option; a gluten free box. I have to say our box couldn’t have come on a better day, we were very hungry. That is why the pictures I have are of almost all opened or empty packages. This month’s theme was Happy Camper:

IMG_4270 IMG_4271

Sea Salt Lentil Crackers by Mediterranean Snacks: By themselves these are bland but I think they would be great with a flavorful dip.


Kid’s Organic Mixed Berry Chews by Honey Stinger: Both my daughter and I really enjoyed these. They are pricey for gummies but I might get them as a special treat for her, you can really taste the honey in these chews.


South Asian Snacks Jubilee Mix by Zouq: This looks good and I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t wait!


Chocolate Chip Fluff by Madyson’s Marshmallows: I also haven’t tried this marshmallow. I don’t think I want to eat it plain. It’s too hot for hot chocolate, but I haven’t made smores in a long time… You may be seeing a post of this made into a mega smores very soon !

IMG_4261 IMG_4262

Dutch Cocoa by Sommersaults: I really like all the other flavors from this brand. Sommersaults are little crackers packed with protein and lots of sunflower seeds. I think I prefer savory flavors, but I do love my chocolate. This dutch cocoa flavor is probably pretty good and a great size for on the go snacking.



Butter Crisp Love Minis by Ginnybakes: These are gluten free and not crispy as the name would imply. They are very buttery, I oddly liked these, but they are very hard and dense cookies. They are also organic and non-GMO so at least they aren’t as bad for you as say an oreo. 


White Cheddar Puffs by Beanitos: Oh I thought I was going to like these! I love love love Beanitos black bean chips. But these are gross, something about the smell of white cheddar just makes me ill. The puff part and healthy part was good but the smell and flavor just turned me off. I wish I liked these more since they are much better for you and even have 5 grams of protein per serving. Maybe they come in other flavors?


Apple Pecan Bar by 2 Degrees: This company 2 Degrees has a great mission: for every bar sold another feeds a hungry child. These are super healthy and full of fruits and grains. We received the Apply Pecan and both P and I taste test approved it. 


Assorted coupons and information on products from the box:


As usual our Love with Food box arrived with a box well packed with an assortment of fun and primarily healthy food to try for our family. We really enjoyed trying everything and look forward to next month’s box. 

If your interested in subscribing you can use my referral to get your first box for $2, only paying for shipping. If you haven’t tried them before check them out for a month to see if you like it, it is very easy to cancel on their site. 

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