Craft Vapery Subscription Review


Today I am excited to share and review a box from Craft Vapery. There are so many different kinds of subscription boxes but this one is fairly unique. Craft Vapery delivers monthly boxes of vapors for vapes or E-Cigs. For those of you who are reading this thinking, huh? Vaporizers are a pretty awesome new trend, instead of harmful nasty cigarettes this new device lets you smoke water vapor. I came across a very helpful post from Crafter Vapery’s blog here that is great at explaining the basics. The service they provide is mainly for different vapors but you can add on hardware to be shipped to you monthly. I am new to using a vape and was anxious to get my package and try it out!  I had some difficulty at first but once I got all the pieces assembled correctly I really enjoyed it!  It’s as if Im smoking my own personal hookah. Plus with a vaporizer you can try all kinds of neat flavors. I think a subscription like this is helpful since they carry a whole bunch of different brands and all kinds of flavored vapes. Here is how the process begins:

When you start your subscription with Craft Vapery you can choose how many bottles you want a month:

2 bottles are $24 a month        4 bottles are $42 a month

3 bottles are $33 a month        5 bottles are $50 a month

4 bottles are $42 a month       6 bottles are $58 a month

*The more you purchase per month the cheaper it is per bottle

Once you decide what plan you want then you move onto customizing your order. You choose what strength of nicotine you prefer then pick out what flavors you like and dislike. 

I let them know that I wanted 0g of nicotine since I have been a non smoker for some time.  As for what flavors to choose, I didn’t want anything menthol or tobacco related. Instead I opted for the sweet ones, fruits, candy and other dessert type categories. After that you have the option to add on a starter kit and other replacements. 


Craft Vapery was also very kind and sent me a starter kit. The starter kit is $50 and includes:

  • 1 Kanger Aerotank with Airflow Control
  • 1 5-Pack of Kanger Aerotank Atomizers
  • 1 Variable Voltage Twist Battery (650 mAh)
  • 1 USB Charger

Now I am new to “vaping” as it’s referred to. OH boy, I completely messed up putting this thing together when I first got it. In retrospect it was much easier than I made it and now I have the hang of it. There are instructional videos that you can watch on Craft Vapery and You Tube just in case your as oblivious as I was.


This is the 5-pack of atomizers, if you need replacements for either atomizers or cartomizers you can add them to your order for $7.


Here is the Aero Tank that is in the Starter Set, this attaches to the battery and is where you pour in your vapor. 


All of the vape juices were individually wrapped and everything was packaged very nice and secure. I didn’t have anything leak or break during shipping.

I did take pictures of the different bottles but for some reason Im having trouble updating them. Check back and I will hopefully have the pictures of the vapor bottles on here.  Here are my reviews of the flavors I received: 

Blackberry, was pretty good you could taste a hint of berry. It wasn’t too over powering at all. 

#32 Oh yum, this is very close to funnel cake I tasted lots of cinnamon and sugar. Who would have though zero calorie water vapor would taste  so good? This may be a helpful tool to cut sweet cravings!

Big Melons was great and was more of a sweet cantelope taste. 

Zebra This smells like the Zebra gum I had when I was younger but doesn’t have as much of the taste coming through as with the others I sampled.

Lovely Rita, I have not yet tried but I will update my review once I do. 


I thought this package from Craft Vapery was thoughtfully put together and very well presented. The handwritten note explaining all the products was a nice touch and everything was very well packaged. I think the whole concept of “vaping” is neat even though it’s still very new to me. For someone who is trying to quit smoking this is a great alternative. I still can’t believe all of the flavor varieties that are available. It’s just a neat idea! If your  interested definitely check out Craft Vapery’s website because there is much more helpful information on vaping and videos as well. 



* I received these products in exchange for an honest review and was not compensated in any way. 

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