July Birchbox Man with Details Magazine

For Father’s Day I bought A a subscription to Birchbox Man which is normally $20 a month, I did find a promo code that made it $10 and will post if I see another one.While the mens box is more expensive than the women’s BB includes more lifestyle items in these boxes then in the women’s. From reviews that I have seen the boxes are normally worth it and include a lot of great products to try out. I also have to mention that I like the men’s boxes much better. The box slides out like a drawer instead of just taking the top off in the women’s box. I think this design is safer to keep products in without them falling out.


Harrys Razor and Code for Blade Refills

I was hoping that we would get this razor to try out and we did! It look very nice in person but it seems a bit cheap. Thats probably because it is more affordable at $10, but I think I had higher expectations. When A tried it out I thought it looked like he had a good shave, however he was unimpressed with this razor. I am happy to report that if you received the promo code card for free refills it is no strings attached. I didn’t have to enter any payment information which I really like!


Number 4 Shampoo and Conditioner

Well now the tiny conditioner was just a bonus sample so Im not going to complain. I just think it’s pointless to include it when you would need more than that to determine if you liked it or not. A doesn’t even use conditioner so thats alright. The shampoo is a decent size and smells good.

Proraso Shave Cream

I have seen this a lot and wanted A to try it someday, now he has! He liked it a lot and loved that it had a minty smell and feel to it. I think we might get more soon.


Alfred Lane Solid Cologne

This was the clear favorite in the whole box. Our daughter just turned 2 and gets into everything, this cleverly designed tin is too hard for her to open and is therefore safe for now! It smells great very warm and comforting. A loves that he can take it with him to work and apply wherever needed basically whenever he wants.

Clinique For Men Moisturizer

A hasn’t tried this yet but I had no idea Clinique had a mens line. I think this is a brand that has been around a long time and is neat that it’s available on Birchbox now. I also like that this is a moisturizer with SPF for A, he isn’t too careful about putting on sunscreen this should help.


A was never as product obsessed as I am, but now with his BB box I can tell he is really happy trying everything out and stepping out of his normal comfort zone. I even think he’s found some new favorites. I would say we have both been happy with the two boxes that we have received so far. When I first saw that Birchbox came out with the men’s boxes I didn’t think they would be for someone like A who isn’t into skincare regimens etc. but what he’s gotten has been a good fit and is being used. I think this makes a good gift for any guy in your life be it dad, husband, or brother etc.

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