Sweet Deal on Living Social for Cate & Chloe Jewelry


Good evening! I just wanted to share a pretty awesome deal for the subscription box Cate & Chloe. I personally have not yet tried this jewelry subscription but the reviews I have seen are positive. What is impressive is the pricing, C&C claim that for $39 a month you will receive $200 worth of jewelry. Each month you receive two pieces and it looks like instead of being fashion forward the jewelry is very classic. I think they send pieces that can be worn with anything.


Ok so the deal I have for you today is instead of $39 for your first month how about $15.20 plus 3% cash back through Ebates. If you don’t already, get an account with them to get cash back from online orders.

Okay, so go through Ebates to Living Social snag the deal for Cate & Chloe then use the promo code JUNE20 to get 20% off your order! Can you tell Im excited about this deal? I am! Also if jewelry isn’t your thing the promo code can be used on any deal. Has anyone gotten jewelry from them? I am interested in knowing what to expect from this subscription.


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