New Candy German Subscription

As one heck of a candy lover I am so excited to share this review of a new German candy subscription box. The package is shipped from overseas in Germany right to us here in the US and it is filled with 5-8 goodies. In our box was a great variety of gummies, cookies and chocolates. Everything was packed really well and arrived quickly and safely. Candy German is $29 monthly but if you chose their 6 month or 12 month plan it is cheaper. Considering how full the box was and that shipping from Germany can’t be cheap, I would say this was a good deal. I did try to find some product prices for the review but many of them were unlisted or sold out (or in German ha!). So don’t get mad if I goofed on a price and please let me know where to find them.


My daughter helped me unpack this and was just as excited as I was to see all of the neat new candies to try!

IMG_3987 IMG_3988

Prinzen Rolle Minis – a 400g package was listed at $9.67

These are a really nice snack and I like that they came in packages of 5. Great for throwing in the lunch bag for a picnic outside. I made sure to bring some for my friends to try and everyone loved them!  I like these because they aren’t too sweet and the quality of the chocolate is good compared to other brands.


Haribo Pasta Flagga and Gummy Bears- $3.29

The gummy bears are probably the only item I can say with certainty you can find easily here and Ive had them before. : )

The pasta flags are in Germany’s colors and are a sour gummy, I liked these because the sourness sort of snuck up on me. The first bite is sweet and a sort of black current flavor and then the sour part kicks in.


Fritt Candy Strips – $1.17

I like that these have vitamin C in them and that they arent too sweet.


Inside the package there are I think 5 individually wrapped candy strips in the Cherry flavor. Each one of the strips is indented into bite size pieces which was nice.


Pick Up! Choco & Milk Cookies 5 pack- $6-7.00

These are another nice sandwich cookie, the filling is chocolate and what tastes similar to marshmallows. I really love that these cookies weren’t overly sweet and I love to dunk them in my coffee or milk.


Hitschler Brause Flummis- $5.99

This candy was the most interesting to me because I had absolutely no idea what they were and have never seen a candy like them. It turns out the pretty pastel candies are edible wafers with sugar in them. You can bet my daughter tried her hardest to get into these! I think the key to these is to eat it in one bite because the wafer compliments the sugar and melts in your mouth. The wafer by itself isn’t too good and not sweet at all. This was really neat to try!



Koala Bears Transylvania Themed Box- $2.00?

Yay for Koala bears! These were a staple of my childhood, it was always a treat when my mom picked us up a box of chocolate koala bears from the store. While they aren’t a hard to find item these were in a different flavor than you would find in the states. The flavor on the box says Milche which I think just translates to Milk. It’s not quite a vanilla flavor but its good! I thought the packaging and toy in the box was really cute.


Kinder Hippos- $6.99

I love Kinder chocolates! This is another item that you could find in a specialty food store but they are pricey. I wouldn’t normally get these but I am so glad it came in the box. These are individually wrapped which is always nice. I have to apologize the picture isn’t the best of the little hippo. Let me just say any chocolate/nutella fans, f you haven’t had these you need to. The hippo part is a nice light wafer inside there is a chocolate nutella like filling and a creamy white filling. They are delicious and I am super sad that my fiance went and ate the rest of them, he is now getting me more immediately!



Nimm 2 Lollipops

These lollipops have added vitamins in them and would be great for kids. I only tried the one flavor and you can’t taste any vitamins. Although these aren’t very sweet and not too flavorful. Maybe Im just more of a chocolate person, but the Nimms were so-so.

So that is my recap of all the yummy things in this month’s box from Candy German. If you love candy and trying new things you have got to get your hands on one of these boxes. Our family and friends gobbled this box up and yours will too, trust me!



***Disclaimer: I was given sent a box in exchange for an honest review and was not compensated in any other way.

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