June Orange Glad Sweets Box




I have finally finished working my way through the wonderful treats sent in this month’s Orange Glad box. Orange Glad is a gourmet dessert box that sends monthly deliveries of sweet treats to your door. I have been lucky enough to sample this box a few times now for review and I can say this is a consistent company. Every month Orange Glad takes care to package everything very nicely and nothing has ever arrived broken or melting.


This month’s box was like a surprise within a surprise! Normally the treats are in the brown box. This month they changed things up and put all the sweets in one nice gift box. This really would make a nice gift for someone. IMG_3871

All the items inside the gift box were individually packaged in clear bags and ties with a bow.



The product card was nicely done with plenty of important information that you might need to know. The card tells you what you are sampling, where it’s from, what the ingredients are and how long it will keep for (in case you don’t eat everything in one sitting!).


Stonehenge Baking Co. Lemon Bar

Last month’s box included a gluten free brownie from Stonehenge Co. and while both of these items were good I wasn’t blown away. I am an avid baker and I have made lemon bars with fresh lemon curd so my husband and I are very biased. I would like to have seen an item from a different company instead of the same one.


Rip Van Wafels Traditional Amsterdam Wafel

Okay the reason why I don’t have a picture of the actual wafel is that it was eaten before I got to take one! Luckily I have tried these before and can vouch that they are delicious. If you haven’t tried these before the wafels are the size of coffee mugs. You take it and place it over a mug filled with the hot beverage of your choosing and let it warm the wafel. I love cookies with coffee and tea in the morning. If I saw these around more I would probably buy them. The wafels aren’t too sweet and are perfect with my morning cup of coffee.


The Cravery Salted Caramel Cream Cookie

There were mixed reviews on this cookie, my fiance didn’t like it and thought it was too salty. I really enjoyed it though because I love that mix of sweet and salty and I think this was delicious. If you enjoyed the cookie this month or just love cookies I saw that The Cravery has their very own cookie subscription box.


Cheryl’s Buttercream Summer Cookie

Okay so this cookie was not smushed during shipping. It was in an effort to wrestle this away from P that it got damaged. Originally this came in it’s own packaging and was completely sealed and unbroken.  We all really enjoyed trying this delicious sugar cookie. It was very buttery and soft, you can’t go wrong with that now can you?


Lily’s Bakery Shop Hamantashen

I have never heard of hamantashen cookies! I mean, I feel like Ive seen this kind of cookie but never tried them? Who knows, but these are yummy. Im not even sure what kind of fruit filling is in them but the whole family loved these.

This was another month of fun trying new sweet treats with my family. Of everything I get in the mail I think Orange Glad is their favorite! We have a serious sweet tooth problem at our house and dessert is always welcome : )

If your interested in trying out Orange Glad you can use YUMMY10 for your first box to get 10% off. Orange Glad also sells items from previous boxes in their shop online if you wanted to get more of something you liked.


*** All opinions and thoughts in this review are my own, I was given this box free to review and was not compensated in any other way

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