June Pop Sugar Must Have Box

Sometimes Pop Sugar can be hit or miss, this month I think their box is fabulous! PSMH is one of the more expensive women’s monthly subscriptions out there, but right now at least there is a $10 off coupon to use which makes it a steal at $30.

First looks of June’s box:

IMG_3841  IMG_3842


You Smell Lemon Verbena Aloe Wet Wipes- $8

I love the packaging from this brand! I haven’t opened them yet but since I haven’t put them in my bag. There have been many moments recently where I wish I had a hand wipe. These are going to get put in my backpack asap.


The One and Only By Emily Griffin- $16.52

Hawaiian BBQ Chips- $2

I am happy to see this book, it doesn’t look like the kind of story I would read though. Boo! I will read it anyway since I never have time to get books for myself. Every time I bring P to Barnes and Nobles she starts running around like crazy and reorganizes all the stuffed animals in the kids section! I know I could order books online but it just isn’t the same as getting to browse the isles in person.


Sachajuan Body Lotion in Shiny Citrus- $24

Lollies Hair Ties- $8

This lotion is lightweight and from what I read free of parabens. It doesn’t hurt that it has a wonderful light citrusy scent. I was worried I wouldn’t like a scent titled “shiny citrus” but this isn’t your drug store variety fake orange smell. This has notes of fresh citrus and jasmine. The Lollies hair ties are great, there isn’t a day you won’t see me without a hair tie in or on my wrist. What I think is really awesome about these is the material. Lollies hair ties are made from swimsuit material! I am now considering cutting up an old bikini (which I will never wear again after having a baby) and trying to make my own. If I am successful you bet I will post with details on how to make them!


Turkish T Mykonos Breeze Towel- $32

Ok the only picture of this towel I have is the one above. Why didn’t I take another? Well because my little girl P has a fun time un-boxing with me and loves this towel! She ripped it right out and draped it around herself like a dress. This towel is wonderful not only for her but for me when we go to splash parks this summer and hopefully for when we take a trip to the beach. I end up using the wrap from last summer’s Pop Sugar box all the time around the house so I know this one will get used frequently.

This is such a great summer box it has everything you need to have a great trip at the beach, park or even backyard. I bought this because I know without a doubt I will use every item in this box. Plus with the promotion you cannot beat all these summer essentials for that price!

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