Must Haves for Moms on the Go!

There are always great new products coming out that I want to try. Now that it is the summertime I have been braving self tanner and looking for other new things to try that are great for the hot weather.

I don’t go on that often but there is a pretty awesome site, Inlfuenster that occasionally sends me free products to review. Recently I got the new Venus Snap in the mail to sample. I already like using Venus razors and that you can interchange razor blades and are able to customize the handle and razor to what works for you. Now they have the snap this adorable lttle thing that comes in it’s own ventilated carrying case. The snap can also fit any of the Venus blades, super easy.

IMG_3524 IMG_3525

I have used it a bunch with last minute touch ups or to shave my arms so I can wear a sleeveless dress. I think I like this little cutie better then regular razors.


Just look it fits in the palm of my hand! Now the only thing with this razor I didn’t like is that I did get awful razor burn on my legs. Now I never get razor burn but I think that this was more my fault than the razor.

Eos Handcream

IMG_3528 IMG_3529

Maybe not my favorite product but definitely top design, I love Eos for their innovative product designs. Their lip balms and shave creams are great and when I saw that they now have hand cream I scooped it up at Target to try it out. The only scent I saw was this cherry blossom scent, it is so-so. I don’t mind so much about the scent personally just because I don’t like really strong smells on my hands. Sometimes I wear too many lotions and then have too many smells going on, you know? So the light scent is more of a good thing with me, the packaging is great. This is small and compact and it’s not going to get all messy in my bag. This is a very light lotion, if you have dry hands it’s not the best option. The formula is good for summertime since my skin only gets super dry in the winter. Overall I love that this is conveniently in my bag for emergencies when I need it.

Have you tried Eos products? I know there are a lot of different flavored lip balms that I haven’t tried. I wonder which one is the best!

How about this new nifty travel razor from Venus Snap? How great is this for emergencies when your out and about this summer, or if your lucky while your on vacation!

* I got the Venus Snap from the wonderful folks over at Influenster to try out and was not compensated in any other way than to try the product for free. The Eos handcream I bought myself and was no compensated for my review. 

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