May Orange Glad Box


I recently got my Orange Glad subscription box in the mail and I would have posted sooner but I wanted to taste test all the goodies first! Orange Glad is a gourmet dessert subscription box. Each month they send a wonderful variety of deserts from different smaller businesses. This is a somewhat new subscription box and I think it’s really great. The subscriber (yours truly) gets to sample a wide range of gourmet sweets without having to order them in bulk or do research to find said small business. The smaller bakeries and shops also benefit my spreading the word about their product through Orange Glad. If there is one thing I love it is to support small businesses.



From the first look I really couldn’t tell what was in the box, which only made me more excited to rip into it!


Here is the front and back of the May product card.


Baking Betty’s Award Winning S’more Cookie and Peanut Butter Cup Cookie – $3.50(one big cookie would be almost $2)

Okay so this cookie is huge! Not to mention soft and delicious I loved the toasted marshmallows in the S’mores cookie. The peanut butter cup cookie was smaller and still good but I thought it could have had more chocolate in it. If you love cookies and would order them in large quantities I would check out Baking Betty. There was a really adorable circus animal cookie in her shop that looked yummy, but there are also other choices like classic oatmeal raisin and caramel apple.


Cici’s Italian Butterhorns-$2.50

IMG_3623 IMG_3563

Welsh Cakes- Orange Cranberry-$2.50

These are really interesting! At first glance I thought they were cookies but they aren’t. Welsh cakes are more like scones and aren’t baked but made in a griddle. I warmed ours up and drizzled them with honey for breakfast and both P and I really enjoyed them.


Fine Sconehedge Baking Company Gluten-Free Ultimate Brownie-$2.50

I was wondering how good this would be even though it was gluten free. The answer? Pretty gosh darn good! These are moist and really rich chocolate, I couldn’t eat but a small piece of it at once.

Say maybe you wouldn’t want sweets every month? Orange Glad still would make a “sweet” present for say your dad or husband for Father’s Day coming up. Or even “sweeten” up things at work by getting a corporate gift subscription. Can you imagine how much people would love you if they got to eat a s’mores cookie instead of say a chips ahoy? Just putting it out there for consideration.


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