Blog Update


Wow, it has been so long since I’ve written on this blog. I almost thought that I would just stop writing and leave it be. But when I saw that people were still reading over past blog posts it made me so happy and I hope that my previous reviews were helpful. That being said I am going to try and update with a BUNCH of reviews dating back from December. Or maybe I will just stick to the current events.

When I originally started this blog the best name I could think of at the time was Novice Mom Diary. I still think its an ok name for a blog, but when I thought about the content I don’t think it matched up very well. In the past I have written many reviews on subscription boxes. But I don’t want to just do reviews, I also want to write about my experience as a new mom.

My daughter P is growing up so fast and is almost 2 years old. I have so much more to share with my fellow parents now that I can do more with her. And boy do we have fun! My little wild one is not the kind of girl to just sit and play with toys. Forget that ! She is constantly on the go, so I like to keep us busy with all kinds of activities.

I have also been trying to bring out my inner artistic side (kind of not really so great at diy). I have completed a few things mainly with the help of Darby Smart.


Theres a picture of Darby Smarts monthly box, note P’s hands reaching out. She loves opening boxes with me. This box was from January and I feel so guilty for not writing about it because it was a lot of fun and I liked the results. The January project was Valentine themed cupcakes. Im going to do a post about them even though its super late.

So there it is back after so long I hope to catch up on lots of recipes, crafts and sensory play and reviews. Lots to write about! Stay tuned..







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