Escape Monthly- October


Oh boy, I haven’t been keeping up with my reviews very well or posting at all for that matter. Life has been busy lately and I haven’t had much time to write. But tonight is the night and here is a review of Escape Monthly’s October box. Escape Monthly is a pretty new subscription that sends a monthly box of goods from a different destination every month. Last month was an awesome box of items from Oregon and October’s destination was Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii so I was very excited to see what kind of items would be in this box. In case your interested the box is $49.95 a month and usually has a value that is double what you paid.  Use the code YOURESCAPE to get 20% of your first box.


Inside the brochure:



Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt- $14.99

How cool! I always enjoy fancy salt to use while cooking. Lately I have been a bit more adventurous and use different finishing salts.


Royal Hawaiian Orchards Papaya Lime Macadamia Crunch-$4.15

Tiesta Tea Maui Mango- $6.99

This tea sounds amazing and even though it’s getting cold I still want to make some iced tea so I can try this.


Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts- $2

I love macadamia nuts, totally stashed these away for later.


Gentle Scrub Facial Buff Pad- $7

Tub & Scrub Hawaiian Bath Salts- $10

Ostara Organics Soap- $1

I’ve seen reviews of facial sponges lately, and it has made me wonder if I should try using one. Im happy to have gotten this buff pad in this month’s box. The bath salts I think were one of my favorite items I really love the scent. Something about it reminds me of something maybe from childhood that I used. It’s a very clean ocean scent, if that description helps. Also the sample of soap smells very nice and I just checked out Ostara’s Etsy Shop and it is super affordable.


Honey Girl Organics Face and Eye Cream-$30.99

Honey Girl Organics Night Cream Sample

Personal Paradise Coconut Lime Body Lotion- $2

This product is expensive but it is a really nice cream perfect for cooler weather. My skin always gets dry in the winter and this is perfect. I love that it makes my face smell so yummy and like honey! I also appreciated the pretty jar and packaging. The body lotion is a nice coconut scent, normally not for me but I do like it.

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 10.28.36 PM

Ola Body Butter- $10

This is awful but I somehow forgot to take a picture of this lotion I received. I think because I was already using it! The scent is nice and it is a non greasy formula. I can always use more lotion so this is in my current rotation. Also not featured is the seashell lei (retail $5.99) because my daughter now wears it almost everyday around the house.

In exception to the soap from Ostara Organics all of these products are from Hawaii. The value of the box way exceeded the cost and the contents were really great. I think this is a wonderful gift to receive for yourself or to gift to someone. It’s really like getting a little spa package in the mail. Luxurious face creams and body lotions, mango tea and chocolate. I love it!


And next month is Vermont! I can’t wait to see what’s in the box.

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