Blissmo Mini Snack Box

IMG_2084 IMG_2077

I mentioned a while back that Plum District was having a deal on Blissmo mini snack boxes. Blissmo Box is a subscription service that sends a monthly package of personal care and healthy food items. If you subscribe for $19.95 a month then each month there are usually options for what themed box you want. I never knew that they offered the mini snack box and so I bought the deal on Plum. The mini snack box is $10 and I ended up getting two so Im going to review both.

Box #1

IMG_2078 IMG_2079

Honey Stinger Organic Honey Chews in Pink Lemonade

Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins for Grown Ups

Yum I think these honey chews are my favorite new thing, they are so good! I think they taste more of honey than pink lemonade but they are addictive. They also have a whole bunch of Vitamin C in each serving. The Smarty Pants vitamins are really yummy, I’ve tried them before and wolfed them down.


Numi Savory Tea in Tomato Mint

I am really excited to try this. When I first got a sample of Millie’s Savory tea I really enjoyed it and ordered more. I love the mint tea that Numi makes so I bet this will be good. I think savory teas are fantastic for cold weather and for when you have a cold. It makes my whole insides all warm and comforted.


Sencha Green Tea Leaf Mints in Dragon fruit

For every 3 mints it’s the equivalent to drinking a cup of green tea. This is great and yummy. I’ve never had a dragon fruit and Im not even sure what they look like. But at least these mints taste good. I do love green tea, especially matcha. If you’ve ever had matcha green tea flavored mints they are so good!



At first glance I was unimpressed with this snack because we love bananas in our house and eat them everyday. Why do we need it in this form? They are intimidating at first because they turn dark brown. These are good thought and I love that it has just the one ingredient and nothing else. Browning of bananas is completely natural so nothing to worry about. This pouch is also resealable which is nice and my daughter liked chewing on these, another win.

Box #2

IMG_2085 IMG_2088

Might Leaf Iced Tea 

Eat Green Tea

I like Mighty Leaf iced teas but the edible green tea not so much. I put this in a smoothie and I don’t think I blended it well enough because the texture was that of like little twigs or tea leaves in my mouth. I think I would rather just drink it than eat it. Maybe if it was in powder form…



Pur Spearmint Gum



Gin Gins Ginger Candy

Love ginger candy especially the peanut chews.

So from these two boxes it seems like Blissmo includes a snack a tea and a gum or mint in each mini snack box. At least that’s how mine were. Have you ever gotten one or a box from Blissmo? I do really love those Honey Stinger chews.

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