Weekend Baking: Pumpkin Dutch Baby!


Confession: I always wanted a cast iron skillet. I saw all of these beautiful pictures of meals made in a skillet and I wanted it. Bad. So I finally got one! Then I realized you have to put a lot of love into the skillet to make it work for you. My super heavy skillet needed a lot of love and care. Or else it was going to rust! Unacceptable, so I researched how to season it and how you don’t ever want to wash it. That sounds weird but it’s not as gross as it sounds. You basically have to wipe it clean with an oiled cloth. Well so far so good my skillet has not rusted yet and today I decided to try a dutch baby for the first time. Instead of making a bunch of pancakes all you have to do is pour the batter into the skillet and pop it in the oven.


I think this was pretty easy to make and not as intimidating as I first thought. Making this in the skillet creates this gorgeously browned bottom and sides. I love how it puffs up on the edges and is super soft on the inside. Following the recipe I used I also added on the crumb topping. I think pecans and bananas would be great on top too.


This is a great recipe for the fall and for all the pumpkin lovers out there.

I used the recipe over at Soup Addict. But I will note that she used two smaller skillets. Since I only have one I used it and it worked out well. So don’t be down if you don’t have the same size skillet just use what you have! Enjoy.

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