Ricotta Pancakes with Agave Maple Bananas


Hmmn Hmm Hmmm! These pancakes are so fluffy and satisfying. Move over buttermilk! Ricotta has replaced you as my go to main ingredient for pancakes. I love making pancakes for my family on the weekend. While I don’t do it every weekend,  I do make them quite often. But only on the weekend because during the week get’s too crazy. I barely have time to eat breakfast we get so scrambled in the mornings. But on the weekend that’s the time to relax and make a nice breakfast.

Have ever ended up with extra of an ingredient? And hated having it go to waste? Well this happens to me often and so I go searching around to find recipes that will help me use it up. Such was the case with a big tub of ricotta I bought on sale the other day. Usually when I get ricotta I think of lasagna and other italian pasta dishes but ricotta is actually really delicious for sweeter things. Like the ricotta cookies I made once or these pancakes.

To recreate these magical pancakes hop on over to The Slow Roasted Italian for the recipe. The only thing I changed was the topping, she uses bananas and pecans. Since I didn’t quite have the ingredients I changed it up. All I did was slice up some banana and saute it in butter, then I drizzled some agave maple syrup over them and voila! Finished!


Dig in!

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