Ellie Fit Fashionista- Fitness Wear Review

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 12.15.17 PM Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 12.14.56 PM

Here is the scoop on Ellie Fit Fashionista , if you are looking for great figure flattering fashionable and still comfortable workout wear, this is it! I am not in great shape, at all from my pregnancy and had no workout clothes. Since I have started working out again I was feeling crummy while working out because all I had were capris and maternity sweats that were falling down while I was working out, boo. It was no good, so what did my wonderful man do? He let me order some new clothes from Ellie Fit. Now if you don’t do a membership their items are pricey. If you do choose a membership then you pick two items for $50. That means each item whether tops or bottoms are only $25 each! Now I think this is reasonable because the quality and style is there. I am short and curvy and it can be hard to find clothes that look right. When I got my first outfit I felt better about myself, I really felt that comfortable in these clothes. While I don’t have photos of my first outfit, here is my second outfit. I let Ellie pick it out for me, since I missed the cut off day, the above pictures are what I received from the Down To Earth Collection.


Here is my photos of the Lotus Flower Love Tank. I wanted to show that Ellie does include removable pads. The attention to little details really set their workout wear apart from other brands. The twist at the back is a really wonderful detail that draws attention to the back and is a bit sexy. The color although it seemed bright is really nice on my skin tone.

IMG_2162   IMG_2164

These are the Serenity Capris that I got, notice the cute teal waistband. The way the fabric is gathered I think is very flattering and slimming. The material on these clothes is great, no pilling or chafing. When the fabric stretches it doesn’t go all see through, they are very comfortable.


The pants also include a pocket for your keys which is another helpful little detail.


While I am too embarrassed to show a whole body picture of me in my outfit I did snap these to show the clothes on an actual person and not a stick thin model. I really love the back on the top! And I just have to add, oh my gosh it is hard to take a picture of your back! I hope this picture is helpful because it was not easy to get a good one of the back detail. I think these clothes are very well made and now I wish that my whole wardrobe could just be fashionable workout wear like this. If you are interested in checking them out click my link here: Ellie Fit and also first time purchase is 20% off.

Anyone purchase an outfit or item from Ellie before? Id like to pictures! If you have a review on your blog let me know so I can check it out. I really find it helpful to see pictures on “real” women and not models if you know what I mean.


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