September Taste Guru and Promo for 2 Free Months!


Taste Guru is a service that sends a monthly shipment of completely gluten free food. This is a really great idea for someone who has Celiac’s and would make a great gift. While I don’t have any trouble eating gluten I thought this service sent some really great items and wanted to try it out. I was blown away by how big and heavy the box was when the delivery man dropped off my first box.


Here is a first look of the products neatly assembled in the box.


Viviana Sweet Potato Fettuccine- $6.99

I am already planning a recipe to make with this delicious looking sweet potato pasta. I love trying different varieties of pasta and also recently found a chocolate raspberry pasta to experiment with as well. This fettuccine is gluten free and made with rice flour and sweet potatoes of course! I also think it was nice that Taste Guru sent out a email with a recipe using the pasta, just in case you needed some ideas.


Sea Turf Pacific Smoked Salmon Chowder-$6.99

This looks so good. I don’t often eat smoked salmon but when I do it’s a real treat. I usually eat it on an everything bagel with red onions and capers. This soup is going to be great when the weather finally cools down.  I think the pouch packaging is the best. I hate using my can opener and this way you can microwave the pouch and pour it into a bowl. Isn’t it the worst when you burn yourself grabbing a hot bowl out of the microwave? Or is that just me that does that? Anyway…taking a look at this company it seems like they put a lot of care into making a premium product, so I hope it’s up to scratch!

IMG_2105 IMG_2106

Cook Simple Tamale Pie- $5.00

This box has some neat directions on the back so I had to include a picture of it. Im not too much of a fan of chili but this is still a good pantry item. Especially for a night when you are too tired to figure out dinner. This does need extra items to make it, but I think the extras are items one normally has on hand anyway.


Glutino Strawberry Breakfast Bars- $5.00

I have been giving these to my daughter to snack on and she likes them a lot . I also tried them and they tasted pretty good.


Toufayan Wraps- $3.50

I liked making some tuna wraps with these. From what I’ve heard it can be hard to find a gf wrap that doesn’t rip on you. These too seemed like they were on the brink of ripping but didn’t “whew”.


Rocky Mountain Naked Popcorn- $1.25

This was gobbled up immediately. It was good popcorn and I wish there was more. I still think it’s hilarious that my little girl loves popcorn so much. I was worried about it being a choking hazard when I gave her some for the first time. To my surprise even though she still doesn’t have all her baby teeth in she loved it! So basically any popcorn is good with us.

I used a special code to get this box cheaper which is why I decided to try it out. If you want to try Taste Guru then use the code 2FREE to get 2 months for $24. Considering this box was definitely worth more than $12 and Im going to eat everything I would say that’s a great deal!

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