September KlutchClub Mom Review


Klutchclub is not service I subscribe to on a regular basis, however, they offer the best deals frequently on Best of Boxes and on subscriptions. Personally from experience I have gotten some awesome products in best of boxes from Klutchclub. This review is of September’s Mom box, they also offer boxes for Men and Women as well.

IMG_1979 IMG_1975

QURE Water- $1.39

I normally drink water out of our Brita pitcher and haven’t bought a bottle of water in a long time. This QURE water is supposed to be better than average. I looked on QURE’s site to get more information and I found it interesting. The main reasoning to drink QURE water is to balance out our PH levels this water is on the alkaline side of PH levels (opposite of acidic). Qure water has also been infused with traces of Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Zinc. The taste was pretty normal to me, nothing special. I do think it’s a neat idea but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy “special ph balancing water”.

VitaCoco Kids in Apple Island- $0.93

I wasn’t sure about how my daughter P was going to like apple juice made with coconut water but we both liked it. I would get this again over normal apple juice because it has less sugar and coconut water is good for you- with all the potassium and electrolytes and such.


Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub- $1.50

This smells of lime and coconuts and I wish I had gotten this earlier in the summer to use. Im very particular about scents and I switch products seasonally to fit with the changing weather and my mood. This scrub reminds me of the beach and right now all Im thinking of is fall leaves and apple cider! Im going to stow it away for next summer.


Body Beanz

Ancient Minerals Magnesium 

Im not sure the cost on these the vitamins look really interesting but it’s only a one day sample. I already have the magnesium spray and I always forget to use it.


Dropps Laundry Detergent- $1.62

Im excited to try these, any detergent that comes in these pods are way more convenient. We’ve definitely made a mess of the laundry room spilling detergent before so I hope these work well. Also, Dropps are scent and dye free which is great for me since I try to use more natural products around my little one.


Boulder Chips- $2.79

I haven’t tried these yet but they sound interesting. I can’t say I’ve ever tried chips made with adzuki beans. I have tried Beanitos made with black beans and I love them! These chips seem to be more of a tortilla chip so Ill have to see how they are the next time I feel like a taco night.

Can Do Kid Bar- $1.62


Prep Dish- voucher for $25

Prep Dish is an interesting service, while it doesn’t send you food like Hello Fresh or Plated, it does plan out a week of meals for your family. You choose the menu you want and Prep Dish gives you everything you need- grocery lists and recipes etc. to make your life easier. Oh yeah and everything is also gluten free. I think this is great for anyone with celiac’s because it can be frustrating to cook for someone when your not used to not using gluten. I was saddened because while I am still going to use the voucher to try one week free, there is no option for all vegetarian meals.

So thats what I got in September’s box and also be on the look out for my review of the best of box I got last month as well. If your interested in signing up for one please use my referral code link here.


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