Escape Monthly- Oregon


This has got to be one of the best new subscription boxes out there! A vacation in a box for sure Escape Monthly curates a box filled with goodies from a different destination every month. The first month was Napa Valley and this month was Oregon. I have family in Oregon and it always sounds so nice there. I would love to visit one day but until then getting to open up a box full of items made from small businesses in Oregon was really lovely.


Moon Oregon Travel Guide- $21.99

If I ever get to plan us a family trip to Oregon this will be great to have!

How cute is the information brochure that Escape Monthly sends out? I love it! The inside of the brochure has all of the product information and a little about Oregon as well as the next month’s destination- Hawaii.


Oregon Orchard Chocolate Cherry Covered Hazelnuts- $3.29

These are so so good! I love chocolate covered anything, but these are definitely an indulgent snack.

Doug’s Nuts-$5.95

This nut mix is going to be a great addition to my healthy snack shelf!


Grounds for Change “Cafe Femenino” whole bean coffee- $10.45

Metolius Tea and Apothecary tea tin -$10.00

This coffee is organic and 100% fair trade, it also sounds fantastic. This is a dark roast, medium bodied coffee with notes of baker’s chocolate and roasted nuts. I haven’t bought coffee in a long time and I don’t even have a grinder. I am still going to try this as soon as I figure out a place that will grind it for me or where to pick up one. While I am searching for a grinder I also need to look for a tea ball. I don’t usually make loose tea but, I did recently realize that I could use my french press to make tea! I can’t believe I never realized that and Im going to try it out soon. The tea sounds and looks nice with the blend of coconut,lavender and raspberry.


Oregon Rain Soap- Portland Rose Lotion- $8.95

Molly Muriel Volcanic Bliss Soap- $6

Bonus Item*  wooden pumice brush- $5.99

Im not a fan of rose scented lotions so this is probably my least favorite item in this box. It’s a shame because Im a lotion junky and I go through them like crazy. Oregon Rain Soap is an interesting company not only are the products all natural. paraben free and gluten free, but all products are made with Oregon rain! I think that’s a bit odd but also very intriguing. The pumice brush is going right in the shower for me to use the next time I want to do a pedicure. As for the soap it seems like it will be nice but I do have a large collection of bar soap right now. I probably won’t use this for awhile and might give it to A to use.


Primitive Lights candle in Cinnamon Roll- $4

This was my favorite item in the box, so of course I saved it for last! When I opened the box I smelled something wonderful and this candle was where the smell was coming from. I wouldn’t say it really smells like a cinnamon roll. It smells better, it’s not sticky sweet smelling at all. Instead this candle smells like cinnamon, it reminds me of the holidays and it’s very comforting. Did I mention I haven’t even lit this candle yet? The scent of spice filled my whole dining room after one day of sitting on the table unlit.

Escape Monthly features a different destination every month and is $49.95 a month. That is expensive but the items and care that go into choosing them do exceed what you pay. I especially love that they chose small artisans rather than big companies and that use all natural materials and lots of love to make their goods. Also if you use my referral code TROPICALESCAPE you will get 20% off your subscription! And don’t forget to hurry if your interested because next month is Hawaii!!!

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