Vermont Snacks


This may seem way off topic, but do you ever watch travel or food network shows ? And just wish that you could go there and get to try what the host or chef is making? I do, very frequently but Im young and a new mother. There is very little hope of me getting to travel anytime soon. That is why I am so excited about some of these newer subscription boxes that send products made exclusively in one place. In this case the box I am reviewing is products from Vermont. When I think of Vermont I think of skiing and trees and maple syrup. I couldn’t wait to rip into this box to see what I was going to be able to try, from a place I would love to visit if I could.


When I opened it up the information card was right on top


All the Made with Love in Vermont treats!


Distler’s Maple Pretzels- $2.00

Ok well you know I just mentioned maple syrup. Maple and pretzels? I haven’t tried this combination before, yes please! These are hard sourdough pretzels broken into bite size pieces. These pretzels were a great snack and weren’t too sweet. Just a nice light touch of good old maple syrup.

IMG_1997 IMG_1999

Liz Lovely Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies- $3.99

These are two big, soft cookies vegan and gluten free. Now just because it says vegan it doesn’t mean it’s any healthier, these have a lot of sugar in them! A tried these and said they taste like cookie dough. I think they are delicious but only in small bites. If I ate a whole cookie I think I would feel sick.


Garuka Bar-$3

I’ve always wanted to try these! Made with raw Vermont honey and simple ingredients, can’t wait! I also thought this was neat: ” The only energy bar using 100% consumer recyclable packaging.”


Bloodroot Mountain Sauce Co operative Chipotle Morita – $6.99 (this is an estimate based of the website)

This looks very good and is a nice addition to my pantry. I don’t own many hot sauces even though I love spicy food. I think I just forget to use condiments like this with my food. Most of the time I am just trying to eat something before running to chase after P. Ill share an update once I try this sauce out, Benito’s hot sauce does have great reviews on their site. I especially would have loved to get their chipotle infused maple syrup.


****Bonus 2 pieces of chocolate for first time subscribers

Vermont Snacks is $19 a month and that’s with shipping included. The total of what I received comes to about $16 and I saw the shipping on the box was around $6. I think this was reasonably priced for the variety I received. I think it was great that all of these products are from smaller companies who are also trying to be more socially responsible in how they produce their goods and use all natural ingredients. What do you think of Vermont Snack’s first box? Has anyone tried some of the other boxes out there for products from one state? like the one for Hawaii? I’d love to know! Please share your thoughts below.

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