September Goodies Kid Box Review

IMG_2006  IMG_2007

Just got our Goodies Box for Kids this week! Goodies boxes are only $7 and even though they can be hit or miss my family usually enjoys trying everything in the box. I used to get the normal one but I switched to the new kids box to see if I got anything fun to try for P.


Since this is the kid’s box Goodies has so far been making them so that the kids can decorate them. The first box had a bunch of doodles to color in. This box in contrast is blank so that the kids can draw and decorate it however they want.



Nesquik Cookies in Chocolate and Strawberry (2 packs)

I tried the chocolate cookies, which I think would be good with some milk. I would say these are similar to oreos but not as good.

IMG_2011 IMG_2012

Cow Wow Now Cereal Milk Organic Chocolate

I haven’t tried this one yet but it looks yummy. I could never pass up chocolate milk and I know P will like trying it.


Sour Power Straws in Strawberry

These are fat free and pretty sour. Not much else I can say since I didn’t eat them. I passed them on to A since these aren’t for me.


Oogies Kettle Corn

IMG_2016  IMG_2018

Animeals Organic Pasta Sauce

AHH I was super happy about this item. Organic mild flavored, less acidic tomato sauce made especially for kids? This is a great idea.

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