September Kitchen Box


Well this is my last Kitchen Box, I ordered a 3 month subscription when they first started so I have reviewed their first 3 boxes. You can buy AKB for $34.95 a box or $89 for a 3 month subscription. AKB sends you inspiration for your kitchen every month so far there has been a cheese, cocktail and market box. I have gotten tools like a wooden citrus reamer and cocktail stirrers. Food items included have been dried mushrooms, hazelnuts and finishing salts. Also included are recipes, free music downloads to play while cooking and emails throughout the month with more ideas and recipes.  I have enjoyed getting these boxes in the mail and do feel that they come up with themes that inspire me to try new things in the kitchen.

first looks for this month’s Market Box:

IMG_1872 IMG_1873 IMG_1881IMG_1874

Here are the paper materials that were inside the packet:

a nice pre stamped postcard

These postcards have been really nice, instead of sending them I put them up in my kitchen.

a card with a free music download

So this is awful but even though I have the code for the free download I still have not downloaded this one or the other 2 that I have. I could be missing out big time on a new favorite but I just keep forgetting.

Tips for mushrooms

A recipe for Wild Mushroom Israeli Couscous


Little Wooden Spoon- (price unknown)

This is an adorable little spoon! It will definitely get used in the kitchen. I’d have to say one of my favorite things about AKB is the addition of beautiful, handcrafted wooden utensils that I have gotten. I use the citrus reamer I got from last month quite often and I have a nice little collection of wooden utensils now. : )


BAGGU shopping bag- $9

I love BAGGU! I use them all the time for impromptu trips to the grocery store. These can hold quite a lot and handle a bit a of weight. This will be the perfect bag for any trips to our local farmers market.


Pistol River Dried Mushrooms Porcini- $3.25

I have oddly been enjoying a lot of mushrooms lately. I used to hate them and get really grossed out by them. Mushrooms are so good for you though and are a great source of protein. I guess I kind of like that meaty taste they have since being a vegetarian for almost 8 years now. I haven’t tried dried mushrooms so I think Im going to make the israeli couscous recipe that came with this month’s box.  If anyone has any tips please let me know! Im a bit intimidated on the whole process of cooking with them.

This box made me jealous of the curators who live in Oregon and have wonderful farmer’s markets. It has inspired me to find a better one closer to where I live. I liked everything in this month’s box and it will all be used. Im curious to see what will be in their future boxes and if they will change at all.

What do you think of A Kitchen Box?

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