Plated and Hello Fresh Reviews

Hello Fresh Delivery- I chose the vegetarian option for this service and was so happy with the meals

Sweet potato curry, sauteed mushrooms and polenta with arugula salad on the side and stuffed zucchinis.


I haven’t made curry myself before this and it came out really well. I enjoyed the sweetness of the sweet potatoes in contrast with curry and the addition of sliced almonds on top. This is a very filling dish and it could have easily fed 4 people for dinner.


I was skeptical of wild mushrooms but this was great, I just cut up the mushrooms smaller so they wouldn’t gross me out. I love polenta and I haven’t made it fresh before this. I had a problem with this recipe because I didn’t wait long enough for the polenta to cool and firm up. Next time I would pop it in the freezer instead so it doesn’t interrupt the flow of my cooking. The salad was so simple but so good I have forgotten how much I love sundried tomatoes. I also used basil olive oil instead of the usual and added in some chunks delicious pesto gouda.


The zucchinis are stuffed with a mexican rice blend of basmati rice, black beans, corn, tomatoes and cheese. I ended up cutting the zucchini into smaller pieces and eating it with the rice. I messed up a bit on the zucchini because I think it needed to cook longer and it was a bit odd the proportion of rice to zucchini. This recipe also made a whole bunch of rice that could have fed a family and my zucchini were so small I couldn’t fit that much rice into them.

Plated Delivery– Last week’s delivery brought my picks of Blackened Shrimp Tacos and Poached Tea Soaked Salmon and Soba Noodles.


The seasoning on this shrimp was fantastic as well as the strange combination of mayo and greek yogurt for the corn. Also since I didn’t have a grill pan instead of grilling the corn I microwaved it! Yes, you heard me I microwaved my ear of corn and it came out delicious. It’s super easy to do just wrap in a damp paper towel and put in for about 5 minutes.


This recipe was unique but completely easy to do. You make tea with black peppercorns and let it soak then you poach the salmon in the liquid and top with slices of ginger. This gave the salmon a subtle flavor and it came out perfectly done easily flaking and tender. The soba noodles were another favorite and just watching my daughter try and eat them was hilarious. She held on to both ends then would bite the noodle in the middle, so cute.

Both of these dishes were easy to make and delicious. I also wanted to note that taking into consideration that i had fresh seafood shipped to me in the mail, this arrived still cold and the shrimp especially was way better than any frozen crap I’ve made before.  I love that I have the recipe cards to keep so I can remake these dishes. It’s also nice that these are easily customizable so that you can add or switch out items that you want in there.

Having these meals pre portioned and ready to go made my week so much easier. I had so much food that all I had to worry about was breakfast and making sure nothing went bad before I could make it. Hello Fresh was $60 for the 3 vegetarian meals, although if you use this referral code: SDTUEV and you will get $20 off your first order!  You have the option to skip a week or cancel with both Plated and Hello Fresh. Also with Plated you can choose which plates you want before getting them so if you don’t like anything you don’t have to pick any. Use this link: for Plated and get your first 2 plates free!



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