Mexican Candy Box-September


If you like trying new things and are a candy junkie then this new monthly subscription might be for you. Mexican Candy Box sends a mixed box of candy every month ranging from chocolate to spicy mango lollipops with chile powder. Personally I love this concept because I love trying new things and I also have never tried any spicy candy till now. When trying to purchase candy from another country it can be hard to choose what to get and sometimes even harder to find a good way to get it. Before this box came out I also used to receive a similar box, but of asian candy treats. The company has since gone out of business but I really enjoyed trying new things from them and was super excited to try this box. There are three different options to choose from the smallest  solo (for 1) is $12, amigo (you and a friend) $15 and familia (for the whole family) $20. I chose the amigo so I would have enough to share with A. 


IMG_1857  IMG_1856

So although this came in a somewhat small rectangular box it was pretty heavy! I checked and the shipping cost on the label said $6. When I opened my box everything was nicely wrapped up safely in tissue paper and on top was a handwritten thank you note. I thought that was a very sweet touch. Just like the description said I received a few of each candy so that I could share (or have more for me!) 

 IMG_1851 IMG_1852   

Mango del Puesto (2)

I am totally digging the packaging of these lollipops. I am not too much of a fan of lollipops, but a mango lollipop with spicy chile powder to dip in? Count me in, I really enjoyed trying this. I also love that if I don’t want the whole thing in one sitting I can just close it up for later. 

Sandia del Puesto (2)

This is the watermelon lolli with salty chile powder to dip it in. I haven’t tried this one yet but I am sure it’s tasty. I enjoy the contrast of sweet and salty and sweet and spicy. 

Vero Elotes (3)

This is a strawberry lollipop already covered in chile powder. The second picture above is what it looks like. 

Paledon Goat Milk Lollipop (3)

These look delicious, Im thinking they will be similar to the Tomy candies I got. I will try and update after I try everything (I can only handle so much sweets at once!). 



Duvalin Strawberry & Hazelnut frosting 

This is very very sweet, and I think I prefer Nutella. I did still enjoy trying it and I thought the little spoon it came with was very convenient and cute. 

Bocadin Chocolate Wafer

These chocolate wafers were not impressive, I think they were stale. I have definitely had better. 



Canel’s Gum assorted flavors

I feel like I have had this gum before. At any rate I normally don’t buy gum so these will be nice to have in my purse. So far I have tried the peppermint and it has a nice minty taste. 


Tomy Butterscotch candy

I love these hard candies! This was maybe my favorite candy in this box and even better, I got the most of these in comparison to everything else. 


Pulparindo- Extra Hot and Salted Tamarind Pulp Candy

I was so excited to try this! I have never had tamarind and certainly never spicy salty tamarind pulp! Woah this stuff has to be eaten in small doses. It packs a punch, I can handle my spice but it still is an intense flavor. Lots of salt and fire, it will make your mouth pucker up and your eyes squint. I know that may not sound like something you want to try, but I really enjoyed the unique taste. 

This was the first month of Mexican Candy Box and overall I am pretty happy with it. I paid $15 and shipping was $6. So did I get $9 worth of candy? No, I don’t think so. I am sure I could get the candy cheaper. Here is why I don’t mind: Since I have never tried mexican candy and also can’t speak much spanish I wouldn’t really know what to buy. I looked online and saw several places to buy mexican candy but they would be in bulk (with choices being overwhelming). I think for a once in a while purchase this candy box is a great way to try new flavors and see if you like Mexican candy. I wouldn’t get this every month but if they offer a one time box, then I would get it every now and then. 

So tell me, do you have any strange or foreign candy that you like? I would love to know in the comments below! If you have had Mexican candy what’s your favorite? Do you enjoy spicy candy, I know I am! 

3 thoughts on “Mexican Candy Box-September

  1. I wanted to let everyone know that we’ve made some changes to our Mexican Candy Box service. Since spicy things are not for everyone –

    You can now order one of three Flavor Boxes: Sweet & Spicy Mix, Sweet Only, or Spicy Only. You can also choose a single box to try it out, or subscribe monthly.

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