Thursday Thoughts

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I am feeling very sleepy and sentimental today. My little girl is growing up so fast, although she is only 14 months. I cannot believe how much she has changed and especially now since she just started walking! I used to take pictures of her almost everyday and then I started forgetting and just enjoying my time with her. I recently looked back on those pictures of us at the hospital when she was born, at her 3 month visit to the pediatrician and again at pictures of her when she started crawling. I didn’t see it before when I was looking at them frequently, but now I see the changes. The changes in her face as she looks less like a baby and more like a little girl and that her hair has gotten longer and curlier like mine. There is nothing in the world better than watching your child grow up and experience the love and bond that you share with them. Now that she is older P will walk unsteadily over and give me a hug, it is the best.


Have you ever taken pictures of your kids sleeping? I have started doing it a lot since she just looks so darn adorable and peaceful. Especially since moments before sleep P is off babbling and rolling around in her crib. All of a sudden it gets quiet and I know she is finally asleep.


Another thing I think is super sweet is that my mother saved the pink cape she made for me, now I have passed it on to my daughter. Even though she is little she actually kept that cape on the whole time she was playing! It was one of the cutest moments ever, especially since I added on a pink leopard headband I found. It makes me really glad I kept some things from my childhood, I never really thought I would have kids. But then you never know what life will throw at you. Here I am now a young mom just trying to adapt to the rapid changes of my wild little girl.

Okay now thats enough sappy rambling for one day : )

On to my ridiculousness, I decided the other day when I was bored to try doing a cat eye:

IMG_1831 IMG_1832

It’s not so easy for me to do the sweeping line, I always want to go and add more. Then after trying to fix it I make it worse. I think this was probably my best attempt to date.  it’s too much eye make-up for me, usually I just do pretty basic make-up: cc cream, concealer, lip balm. For eyes I like using this product Betty Lou-manizer from the Balm (Thank you Birchbox).

In other news of my life I got my Hello Fresh order yesterday! I am so happy and satisfied with them so far. As I mentioned in a previous post I have trouble sometimes getting my deliveries, they end up at the wrong address. This happened with an order from Plated and my food had gone bad by the time someone had dropped it off. I have another order coming from them next week since they kindly credited my account. I was so relieved yesterday when I saw the box from Hello Fresh had arrived safely to the right place, my doorstep! I picked the vegetarian option and the meals are a coconut curry, stuffed peppers and deconstructed pesto pasta. I think the produce looks good and everything was well packaged and organized. I really like with services like this that they give you the nice recipe cards. I normally just save mine on my laptop, now I have so many that it’s hard to find what Im looking for. As soon as Im done making all the meals this week Im going to do a review of Hello Fresh. Last night I made the stuffed peppers with a side salad and I was happy with the results.

Here’s the contents of my shipment this week.



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