Goodies first Kids Box!

Goodies Co. is one of the most affordable food and snack subscriptions out there, it’s only $7 a month. Every month there is a jumble of different items to try out sent right to your door. For a while I was subscribing to the regular box they have, but then Goodies Co. came out with a Kid’s Box! So I switched over to this one to see if I find anything good for P. Now my little girl is only 14 months old so I know she won’t be able to eat too much of what I get. This was the very first Kid’s Tasting Box so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. It turns out all three of us gobbled up the whole box and tried everything in it the second I finished taking pictures!

IMG_1730 IMG_1731

I love the box this comes in, when P is old enough she can color all over this. I am using this box as storage for her craft supplies.


Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookie

This wasn’t the best cookie but it is gluten free. When you have a child with allergies it can be hard to accommodate them, this is a nice option for a sweet treat in a lunch bag.


Tangy Zangy Twisties in Sour Wild Berry

These were not so great, but then again Im not really into any candy but chocolate.


P and I liked these cookies a lot. They are in cute sea animal shapes and are from Hawaii. I like that they aren’t too sweet and remind me of gingersnaps (which I love).


Grammy Crisps from Crunchmaster

These again are a great option for someone who avoids gluten in their diet. I liked these but obviously I like the real graham crackers better. I have tried other crackers from Cruchmaster that I like a lot more and those are also gluten free.


Motts Fruit Snacks

These were absolutely a hit with my family. I was cautious about letting P try one because she only has 6 teeth but she ate one too! She really liked them as did A and I. Im a sucker for fruit snacks and I would definitely pick up more of these.  IMG_1740

Bare Fruit Cruchy Fuji Red Apple Chips

These are a great healthy snack. How awesome is it that this has one ingredient? Apples, plain and simple. This is great by itself or I think it would be yummy over a salad.


Got Milk? Vanilla Milkshake Straws

I have always wanted to try these, but I think I’ve been too embarrassed to get them. Now that I have, Im getting more! The flavor doesn’t last too long but I still think that their neat and make milk more delicious.


For $7 I think this was not bad at all. We were all happy with everything we tried and I found some things I would get more of. Im hoping it’s just as good next month!

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