New Subscription Box- The Other Box


The Other Box is a brand new service that sends you and your “other” a unique date in a box once a month. Your other could be your friend, daughter or husband. The idea is to get out and do something fun and different with someone you love. Now that is a concept that I can dig! Personally I wanted to try this box for my other, A. After having P it is not easy to have alone time or go out together, like ever. As new parents it’s really important to remember to take time for us once in a while. So on to The Other Box and this month’s theme Miniature Golf! Now this is the very first box/month of TOB and I think it was a good effort. I do have some ideas for improvement that I will talk about after I show you the contents of the box I received.

IMG_1745 IMG_1746

Here are the first shots of TOB, I think their logo is cute with the red heart on the box. Everything was packaged neatly inside and got to me pretty quick in the mail.


Here is a shot of everything in the box, all the contents for a mini golfing date!

IMG_1750  IMG_1752

First up what’s mini golf without your own golf balls? TOB included two golf balls one for me, one for A. The colors totally reminder me of bridal or a boy’s baby shower funny enough.


Next up there were 4 packets of Nuun drink tablets “to keep you going strong”. I like that 4 different flavors were included:fruit punch, grape, tri-berry and lemon lime. I’ve never tried these before now and I enjoyed them after working out. These are low calorie, electrolyte enhanced and lightly flavor your water. Plus if you put them in a clear container you can watch them get all fizzy, if you like that sort of thing. : )


Two water bottles were included to keep me and A hydrated while golfing. I actually really needed a water bottle after losing mine so this was awesome to get. If you wanted to make things a little more fun while golfing you could always put some mixed drinks in there instead of water.

The Other Box included these items to help enhance our mini golfing experience and even included a fun game idea called ” Fore! Questions” At each hole whoever sinks the ball in first gets to ask their partner a question, but it has to start with four. For example “Four! of your favorite things about me” or “Four! of your favorite movies”. Now this is a very cute game idea for kids and adults alike. Just to be a bit naughty I think you could also turn this pretty easily into a drinking game as well, just for the adults.

As it turns out one of A and I’s favorite past times since we started dating is going to different mini golf places. We haven’t been to one in a while and I think this was a great reminder for us to get out and have a nice day outing together. I was really happy to get this and have been using everything we received. I can’t wait to go golfing!

If you are interested in getting The Other Box it is $20 a month plus $5 shipping, because they are a new business this will be their only box for a little while. They hope to start up a monthly service soon but for now this one is available for purchase.

Now as I mentioned earlier there were some thoughts I had on this box:

  • The Nuun tablets don’t fit into the water bottles included in the box. They can easily be broken to stick in there but I thought that was a funny oversight.
  • I don’t think it’s necessary to brand the products like the golf balls and the water bottles. The logo is cute and it doesn’t matter to me, I just don’t think you really need it on there.
  • The Other Box is somewhat hard to find online because of their name, re naming their service might be something to consider so that it’s easier to find
  • For a mini golfing box I think it would have been fun to include props to make your own mini golf course. That might be too involved but I think for future ideas it would be good to have fun activities to do at home. Something that you wouldn’t normally have thought of doing.
  • I did think it was thoughtful to include items (besides the golf balls obviously) that could be used again for other activities. It was also thoughtful to have not just items but also the suggested game idea to help you have fun and get goofy while out with your other.Now I’d like to know, what’s your favorite outing with your other? Any good ideas for mixing things up, what would you like to see in The Other Box next?***Disclosure: I received this box in exchange for a review. I was not compensated in any other way and these are my honest opinions.

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