Stunner Of the Month- August Shades


Stunner Of the Month is a monthly sunglasses subscription offering shades for both men and women. It’s really reasonable at $9 a month and right now if you use the code TRYSTUNNER you get your first month completely free. I’m really bad about my sunglasses and tend to either lose or break them. When I saw I could try this out for free I said why not?


Wow I am so glad that I didn’t pay for these! I’m sorry but what a joke, these are not my style or A’s at all. They came in the mail fairly quickly and I liked that they come with a nice little cloth case to store them in. But, I won’t ever wear these. I really wish that Stunner of the Month gave you more options then just whether you want a pair for a woman or a guy. I chose gender neutral and these are the pair that I got, the Anacondas! I think the information card is hilarious. These are going in the gift pile.


Here’s detail of the Anacondas


I won’t be continuing this subscription because for me it’s too risky. But I didn’t pay for these so I’m not too disappointed and we had a good laugh trying them on. I mean it’s only $9 a month and Im sure some people would be into these so maybe for them it’s worth the risk. If you want to take a chance try them for free and use the code TRYSTUNNER, maybe next month’s will be better.

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