Special Edition Martha Stewart Glossy Box Review

Okay so I got so hopped up and excited when I first found out about this box that Glossy Box came out with. I thought oOo Martha Stewart? I love it! I bought one immediately especially since it was only $15. Then I found out what was going to be in the box and I wasn’t as excited, but still happy. I just got the box and here is what I received.


It came in a nice and cheery bright green box. Unlike other Glossy Boxes this did not have the usually box within a box. Even though it’s less wasteful it’s almost sad for me. I enjoy re-using the nice boxes that Glossy Box uses and a bright green box would have been awesome!


Here’s the first look inside, information and promotions on top and products underneath. IMG_1688


Olay 4 in 1 Facial Cloths- $5.99

I like that this is supposed to be an all in one multi functional product. Just one cloth instead of cleanser, toner and moisturizer. I definitely will use these the only thing I don’t like is that this product is not paraben free.


Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin- $11.99

This looks like a nice moisturizer and it’s definitely a big bottle that will last a long time. It is only SPF 15 so I think it would be better used during the winter months when it isn’t so sunny. Right now the products I use have SPF 35. I have way too many moles and freckles and I try to be very protective of my skin. Especially since when I was younger I used to lay out and tan for hours using nothing or tanning oil (I even used baby oil once, yikes).


Pantene Pro-VHeat Protection Serum- $6.99

Sorry about the awful picture! This product looks like it would work well when I straighten my hair. It says on the box that it protects and repairs the hair. Since I don’t straighten my hair that often I might put this aside for someone else.

Although I don’t normally use these brands I still like what was chosen for the Martha Stewart box and will use the products or give them to someone who will. In addition to the box I also am going to get a free 6 month subscription to Martha Stewart Living, yay!

Did you like the Martha Stewart box and get one? What’s your favorite limited edition Glossy Box? I know there have been quite a few good ones but I’d like to know which one was the best.

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