Thursday Thoughts

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 12.59.41 PM

*Still over the moon about August’s PSMH box, I used the bento box today to store fresh fruit for P. I’ve also been wearing the necklace and loving it ever since I got it.


*Not so happy with Julep’s Golden mystery box, I don’t know why but I expected more surprising items. I haven’t posted a review yet but I received nail polish, hand lotion, Oxygen nail treatment and hair ties. I think I am most excited about the oxygen nail treatment. My nails tend to break from me always washing dishing and being rough on my hands.

IMG_1598  IMG_1601

* I do however love love love the nail polish I also ordered from last month’s California collection called Tracy


* Just found out about Google offers! I had no idea this even existed, it’s like Groupon or Living Social but linked up to my google account. I swear Google is going to take over everything, it’s always coming out with different things and making changes.

For anyone who has a gmail, what do you think of the new set up? Personally I think it’s a nice organizational tool, but I don’t like that Google separated my mail for me. I have mail in Promotions that should be in Personal and the like. At least I primarily check my email on my phone which isn’t sorted out like on my computer.

* I am so frustrated with our meal time situation with my daughter P. Whenever I try to put her in her high chair she just climbs out. No matter what I try regardless of being buckled in, she just stands up in her chair and tries to climb over the top. It’s really frustrating because we are still adapting to her starting to feed herself with a spoon and eat more solid foods and move away from the baby pouches. So mealtime is very stressful and messy for me. Do any moms out there have any suggestions? Last night I resorted to feeding her from the couch with her standing! I even feed her in her diaper most days to avoid ruining her clothes. It’s ridiculous ahhhh


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