August Kitchen Box- Cocktail Time!


A Kitchen Box is a brand new service, so new this is only my second box. Their goal is to send a box geared towards inspiring food lovers and home chefs with recipes, tools for the kitchen and food items. I started getting more into baking and cooking when I was at college and have been a “foodie” my whole life. Since becoming a mother I have slowed down a lot mainly from lack of time and energy. I can never seem to narrow down a simpler less time consuming recipe. I tend to go for over the top and labor intensive. Now that I can’t put as much into the kitchen as I’d like, I turn to AKB as a way to help inspire my inner chef.

This month’s kitchen box is cocktail themed!


AKB is on the pricier side, a quarterly subscription is $89 ($29 a month). I kind of jumped on the band wagon early so I got mine at a bit of a discount. I think for the price I expect to see a bigger box than the one that AKB comes in. It is always very nicely packaged and comes right at the beginning of the month.


Here’s a first look at what’s inside.


The first big items I pulled out are the kitchen tools for this month:

Cocktail Muddler and Citrus Reamer both made of wood and really nicely crafted. Of course these are hand wash only but it’s worth the extra care..

IMG_1577  IMG_1578

In every box a stamped post card and music download is included. This month the postcard is a lovely photo of produce and the download is Morning Light by Trevor Hanks. I’ve never heard of him but I am pretty behind on the music scene. I’m totally lame but all I play is classical in the hopes of it being good for my daughter’s development and nap time. : )  I like that you don’t have to pay for the download, I’ve been given playlists before but it isn’t free.

Also part of each month’s contents are hand letter pressed recipes, this month the cocktails are Bloody Marys and for non alcoholic drinks Ginger beer. Also included are cocktails to make with the Ginger beer; Moscow Mule and Dark & Stormy.


This is the cutest little miniature Tabasco bottle in the whole world. I don’t know if I am ever going to use this, it is too cute.


I also love how AKB individually wraps the items and includes quotes from the French chef Julia Child.


Inside the package were two packets of awesome gourmet salt!

The first of the finishing salts from Salinity is The Rogue’s Heavenly Blue and is a blend powdered blue cheese and grey sea salt. Since the theme is cocktails this salt is supposed to be paired with the recipe for Bloody Marys and I can’t wait to try this! I love Bloody Marys and have been thinking about how much I want to make my own. I will hopefully be posting soon about how mine turns out with some pics. The second finishing salt is Lemon Ginger. This is to pair with the recipe for Ginger Beer! Since we love rootbeer and ginger beer a whole lot I am intrigued at the idea of making our own. It is easier than I would of thought so I will also be trying that out soon.  IMG_1587 IMG_1589

Finally a thank you card was enclosed with a little set of bamboo skewers. These will go great with the cocktails I plan on making in the near future. Oh and again in this month’s box was a white flour sack towel. I didn’t take a picture because it’s just a white towel. I’m not complaining though because I can always use an extra.

In the coming weeks AKB will also send out more kitchen inspiration such as recipes that use the finishing salts in this month’s box. What I really like about this box is that it does inspire me. I have never heard of a salt that is blended with blue cheese. The muddler and citrus reamer are also so well crafted I know they will last. This is embarrassing but I had a lemon juicer once and it actually broke! I mean Im not that strong, at least with this one it won’t break from me squeezing too hard. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun making cocktails this month! The only thing I don’t like is of course the price tag for the inspiration. I wish this box either included more items or was more affordable. They are a new company so I know that it could still be in the process of making changes. I’m looking forward to my weekly emails and a nice Bloody Mary at brunch this weekend.

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