July Glossybox- Le Grand Bleu and new promotion!


July’s Glossybox was all about essential items you need after a day at the beach. There was a great variety of products and I am happy with them all so far.


As always the contents came in a pretty pink box and nicely packaged

IMG_1393  IMG_1403

It really makes me feel like Im getting this wonderful gift every month when I get my Glossybox in the mail!


Nicka K New York ABSOLUTE! Make-up Cleansing Tissues

I can always use these when Im on the go somewhere with P and are already getting used. The only concern I had was the cucumber extract in these tissues. I thought cucumber was supposed to be soothing on the skin but for some reason I have a bad reaction to it. My skin gets all red and it’s awful! Luckily I don’t seem to get that with this brand and they feel very refreshing. These cleansing tissues are also effective at getting off stubborn eye makeup.


Bulgari Shampoo and Shower Gel 

This smells very nice but I wish now that a lotion was included with it. Fragrance just never seems to last on my skin within hours it’s gone completely. I like to layer scented lotion and perfume to make the scent last longer.


Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum 

I am so happy this was included! I usually don’t get acne but during the summer I tend to break out more frequently. I don’t have a product like this so it will definitely get put to use.


Figs & Rouge Cherry Tinted Lip Balm Tube 

The packaging on this tube is so pretty, I love it. The lip balm is nicely scented and lightly tinted. I felt like it wore pretty well and lasted for a while.


Nails Inc Baker Street Nail Polish 

You can’t tell too much from the picture but this bottle is teeny tiny and adorable. Normally I would say I was bummed at the small size, but this is just too cute!


Brazilian Blowout Acai Deep Conditioning Masque 

I am getting way too many hair masks to try out. I have curly hair that can always use conditioning and extra help but I really hope I don’t get any more hair masks. This product I still want to try out because it is supposed to help with styled hair/straightened hair. Now normally I just let my hair hair dry, but once in a blue moon I like to straighten it. The next time I do I’m going to try this out to see if it helps my hair stay longer.

Glossybox is normally $20 a month but right now with a 6 month subscription you can get $25 off! Use the promo code DOLLAR25. That would make each box only $15 a month. That’s a really great deal for anyone looking to try this one out. So far Im really happy with this subscription and I think the products I’ve sampled have been really great.

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