Thursday Thoughts and Deep Dish Veggie Pizza

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 12.59.41 PM

Im pretty sure the last time I linked up and did this I was bummed about it raining. And who would of thought? It’s been raining again today! It’s the beginning of August and yet the weather has been anything but hot. Since I’ve been trying to work out more I love cooler weather. I don’t love the rain though, why in the world has it been raining so much this summer?

I love getting stuff in the mail so lately I have also been getting a farm box of local veggies delivered weekly. Im a vegetarian and this helps me to eat healthier. Today I made the most amazing deep dish veggie pizza. I was browsing through my email and I saw the recipe over at Minimalist Baker and started drooling. I used fresh green bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. I also threw in some defrosted grilled zucchini and eggplant from Trader Jo’s, yum!


Instead of making it full size I used a 6 inch spring form pan to make my own petite pizza. It turned out pretty well. I also veered from the dough recipe to use whole wheat flour instead of white.

IMG_1526  IMG_1525

Look at that cheesy wonderful mess. For anyone that hasn’t had a deep dish pizza, you are missing out! First layer is cheese and lots of it. Then comes whatever filling you want, mine was mixed veggies. Add the sauce and then top with even more cheese. I finished it off with red pepper flakes and oregano. It bakes in the oven for about 20 minutes and it’s done. Your very own little pizza pie!

I think this would be a lot of fun to make with the family. A is all about the meat while I don’t eat any. Personalizing our own pizzas lets everyone win and have a super satisfying meal. Maybe I’ll use the extra dough to make a deep dish dessert pizza!


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