July Vegan Cuts Snack Box


Just got my first ever Vegan Cuts box of snacks in the mail! Vegan Cuts is a website that sells all kinds of vegan products. They have things like really cute necklaces, makeup and vegan parmesan cheese! I have been a vegetarian for maybe 8 years now but Im now too hardcore. I still eat eggs, cheese and fish every now and then. But I love healthier options for food and let’s face it, if something is vegan it probably doesn’t have much in it thats bad for you. Anyway I enjoy checking out the products on Vegan Cut’s website but most of the food items are sold in bulk and I decided to try their box instead. The box of goodies I got in the mail was $19.99 for one month. There was a lot of different things to try which is what I was hoping for.


Vegan Cuts also included a product card so I will be able to remember the name of any product I enjoyed and would want to get again.


Smooze Fruit Ice- $1.50

I popped this in the freezer immediately! I haven’t tried it yet but Im sure it will be refreshing on a hot day.


Love Original Roasted Seaweed- $1.50

I do indeed LOVE roasted seaweed, normally though I stock up on the ones from Trader Joe’s. These were good but I still like TJ’s better.


Funky Monkey Jivealime- $1.96

This is a really great healthy snack. Only two ingredients freeze dried pineapple and lime juice. I love the simplicity and this tasted good as well.


Cousin Mary Jane Toasted Hemp Seeds- $1.00

I like using hemp, chia and flax seeds in different things. They are a nice addition to smoothies and cereal and even salads to add a little something extra. I found this easy recipe idea online I like a lot called banana sushi. All you do is take a banana cover one side with peanut butter (my favorite) or other nut butter then sprinkle with hemp seeds and slice. It’s super easy and a nice filling snack.

Eat Green Tea!- $1.00

This is a serving of green tea that is the equivalent of 30 cups of green tea. That’s pretty impressive. I haven’t tried this yet only because Im not sure what to eat it with, or to eat it by itself. Im a little bit nervous!


Snapea Crisps in Lightly Salted- $1.50

Oh my gosh! I was so happy to get this little snack bag of peas because this has been my latest snack obsession. I have also tried the caesar flavored peas and tomato basil lentil crisps and they are delicious. I am kind of addicted to these, even my 13 month old daughter eats them with me.


Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in Strawberry- $2.00

This is way better than a Fig Newton and P and I enjoy these bars very much.

Macro Greens in Chocolate Cinnamon- $3.00


Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips- $1.50

I like this company and enjoyed these chips with some sour cream. I like the small bag because I never finish a whole one. Does anyone else ever do that? I feel like any time a get a whole bag of chips they go bad because I forget to eat them. I have also tried this company’s sweet potato tortilla chips which were also tasty, especially with some sour cream.


Vianna Mild Jumbo Veggie Snack Sausage- $2.00

I really liked this! Since not eating actual meat for a long time I have basically forgotten what it tastes like. I don’t enjoy vegetarian foods that try to taste like actual meat though. I was nervous to try this sausage in case it was too realistic but it wasn’t! I thought it had just enough spice and was a good consistency. I think I may get more…

Hmm while I really enjoyed and am still enjoying what I received in the snack box, I am still undecided on if I will continue getting it. For $19.99 a month I received around $17 worth of food and shipping can be expensive so I think the value and variety is there. But I guess I just like getting a bit more bang for my buck. I would really love some suggestions on awesome healthy snacks if anyone has any. Also for anyone who has been subscribing to Vegan Cuts, how do you like the box. Im wondering how consistent they are every month. I guess I better decide before I get charged for next month!

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