Level Naturals Good(er) Box Review

Everyone has a certain way that they like to relax and de-stress. For me that something is taking a nice long bubble bath and indulging in all things for the bath and body. Sometime a while back I happened to get these awesome shower bombs in a box from Blissmo. These little bombs create your very own little sauna spa experience once placed under running water in the shower. I love this because as a busy mom I don’t often have time for my baths anymore. Anyway I really enjoyed the smells of eucalyptus and menthol in my shower…until I ran out. I then proceeded to forget the name of the company that sold them,  but then I found them!. Level Naturals not only sells the shower bombs, they also sell bath bombs, spray, soap and other goods. They also now offer a subscription based box entitled “The Good Box”. There are three different sizes the good, the good(er) and the good(est). I snatched up a deal on Gilt City that bought me 2 months for the price of one. I chose the good(er) box for $24.95 plus I had to pay $6 for shipping. Here is a review of what I got in my first box.

IMG_1324 IMG_1325

These are some first look photos. The box it comes in isn’t too big and was wrapped just in brown wrapping paper.  Also enclosed was a nice thank you/welcome card.


the goodies!


Showerbombs- $7.99

So these shower bombs though awesome are still pricey. For a pack of 4 they are $2 a piece. I will be saving these for when I could really use some help unwinding.


Room and Body Mist in Eucalyptus Lime- $10

I think it’s strange that this spray is for both room and body. I do however think this scent could work for both. This is a nice clean scent but I don’t think it works well as a room mist. I sprayed some of this in my living room and I couldn’t really smell it .


Limited Edition Black Mint Mojito Soap- $5.99

This soap actually does smell of both mint and a bit of lime like a mojito.  Every box comes with a mystery item and this soap was mine this month. I can’t wait to find out what I get next month : )


Travel Candle in Yuzu-? (full size $19.99 travel size unlisted)

Okay this scent is amazing! Sometimes I take a whiff of a candle and Im totally put off. This candle is really nice and I lit it up in my kitchen this afternoon. The smell wasn’t too overwhelming but it did give of a nice light smell. I also like that this is a soy candle.


Activated Charcoal Soap- $5.99

This soap has charcoal, chamomile, tea tree oil and lavender in it. The smell is somewhat on the manly side but not unpleasant. The description for the soap says it’s made to “help wash off the stank and offset all the harsh things you put your skin through while living the dream” Needless to say I can’t wait to try this out!

I am happy with everything in this box and Im enjoying using all the nice smelling goodies. I wish that more companies would have bath & body boxes like this (like LUSH!). Everything smelled so good in this box and it’s all natural with none of the bad stuff. I only wish I could afford the bigger/ biggest! box because I would love to try those bath bombs.

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