Klutch Club Best of Box Review


Right now Klutch Club is offering another awesome promo code for a free best of box. Normally the box is $18 with the promo code zzbacktoschool only have to pay shipping. So for this box I paid only $8! I will use everything in this box so for me this was a great deal.


Crystal Body Deodorant Stick- $7.96 and Deodorant Towelettes (6)- $2.65

I used this brand previously when I was pregnant because I wanted to use a more natural deodorant. I normally use a clinical strength deodorant and unfortunately most of the “natural” deodorants do not work well at all for my active lifestyle. I had Crystal’s roll on deodorant and I thought it worked considerably well compared to others I’ve tried. The towelettes are great to use after working out and I have already been using them. The stick is also a neat concept. To use the deodorant stick you have to wet it and then apply. I don’t think it’s as effective but I’ve never tried anything like it before.


CocoVia Unsweetened Dark Chocolate – $11.60

I am chocoholic the idea that cocoa can help support healthy circulation and is good for me is wonderful. These packets are convenient all you have to do is add hot or cold milk. You could also add this to other things like oatmeal or yogurt. Personally Im planning on adding this to some oatmeal, then getting crazy and tossing in some nuts and peanut butter for added deliciousness. So far I used this just with milk and it was just like chocolate milk.

Earnest Eats Baked Whole Food Bar in Double Chocolate Espresso- $1.75

This looked so good! I thought it was a bit dry when I finally ate it. But all I had to do was eat it with my coffee (or a cup of milk) and it was fantastic.


SheaTerra Organics African Black Soap Frankincense Body Wash- $2.75

I have always wanted to try this brand. African black soap is supposed to be great for the skin washing off dead skin and calming irritated skin. This soap does this for the skin while also being organic and free from chemicals, dyes and additives. It is made with the ash of plants and so let me tell you it smells like an ashtray. I also received a sample in a separate box of the mango scent and that is the one Im using right now. Even though it has a nice mango scent, the scent of ash is stronger. The good news is that it doesn’t make my skin smell like an ashtray! Im on the fence about this one, has anyone used Shea Terra products before?


POP Potato BBQ Chips- $1.26

All I can say is yum! These are good and healthier than your normal potato chips.


Q Speed (4 tablets)- $2.50

The tabs are supposed to give you energy and are orange flavored. I did try these although I was skeptical. They didn’t taste bad and quickly dissolved. I did feel more energized but I think it’s hard to tell with products like this.

Schecker’s Organic Energy Drink-$2.80


Core Omega Big Squeeze in Lemon Nectar-$20

Oh darn, I was not excited to see this. I have so much fish oil right now and I have an open one of these in my fridge already. I wish this tasted better. It smells and tasted like fish oil and I am pretty grossed out by it. I think Im just going to have to close my nose and swallow it even though it is gross.


This is a voucher for I believe 3 months of workouts. I think I might have let this expire by accident. I think this site is a good idea for people with busy lifestyles. You just pick out your workout online and play it on your chosen device.

Regardless of the omega 3/ fish oil I was still happy. How could I not be? I received a whole bunch a products that I was more than happy to try them.

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