Jungle Stand- Taiwan Style


Last month the Jungle Stand theme was Welcome to Taiwan and sent a box of treats from Taiwan. I enjoyed almost all of these, my only exception was the squid. I just wasn’t brave and daring enough to try that stuff! For anyone who doesn’t know the Jungle Stand is a tasting box. Every month a  box is sent with a new theme and new “tastes” to try. It’s only $9.92 a month! Even though I put my subscription on hold for a while it’s not because of the box it’s because I am a box junkie and need to cut down. I love trying new things and this box is a great way to do that. They have done a great job of capturing a wide range of tastes from sweet to salty to far far out there (dried squid!). Now on to what was featured this month.


This is the yellow box it comes in every month

IMG_0994  IMG_0995

Each month you receive a wacky and fun card informing you of that month’s theme and on the back is details and pictures of what’s inside the box.


This is a sesame pastry and it is really deceiving. At first glance it looks like it would be a hard cookie, but it’s not. The outer shell is light and crisp and covered in sesame seeds. The inside is soft and full of sweet goodness. I really liked this one!


This is the pumpkin cake, don’t let the name fool you! This is not like a cake at all, but this was also very tasty. I don’t think it even tasted very much like pumpkin either. This as with the sesame pastry had a very unique texture to it. All the pieces of the cake mixed with bits of seaweed made for a very interesting treat.


The peanut brittle was as expected somewhat hard to bite into, very peanutty and sweet.


I received more of these rice crackers, but I ate them before I took the picture. I love rice crackers! I get them all the time, especially the ones with seaweed wrapped around them. This was your basic rice cracker nothing out of the ordinary but still yummy.

I realize now that I am missing individual pictures of the squid and the sachima. So I’ll just give a little information about them here. The dried squid was VERY stinky, very fishy! This is coming from someone who loves seafood and sushi especially. Alas it was so awful I just couldn’t bring myself to try it. When I threw it in the trash it even smelled up the trash can it was so bad! The sachima on the other hand was really good! It looks like a sort of rice crispy cake, but it was way better. The consistency was soft and fluffy but also had all these pieces stuck together like a rice krispy treat. It was sweet and light and I wanted more.

I enjoyed this box very much. It is hard for me to find food from Taiwan and I loved trying the different pastries (except the dreaded squid). This box is all about different flavors and textures, trying new things. For me this box was about textures. Everything I tried had a different texture to it that enhanced the flavors of what I was eating. My only wish is that The Jungle Stand would tell me where they got these treats so I could go get some more!

I have to know, anyone who got this box, did you try the squid? If so you are so so brave.

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