Thursday Thoughts

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I love the blog Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and I check it out all the time to see her product reviews. Im jumping on the band wagon to share my thoughts today while baby P is taking a nap. Here’s some off the thoughts in my head right now…

* I have had poor experiences with glitter nail polish. When I put it on my nails it looks great and then it seems to chip instantly. But then even stranger it is hard to get off with nail polish remover. Why is that? You would think since it chips easily it would come off easily. I tried putting a top coat layer on top as well but that didn’t help much. Anyone have any thoughts for a good longer lasting glitter nail polish or tips to get the stuff off?

* Why doesn’t my mailman ever come at the same time? I start thinking that he will come in the morning and then all of a sudden he comes in the late afternoon. What gives?

* It feels like this is the rainiest summer I have ever had. Everyday it seems like the sky is gray and we are going to have to come up with alternative rainy day things to do. My daughter just turned one and I love taking her places. Rain Rain Go Away!

PS Does anyone know where I can get some super cute rain boots for my little baby boo?

* I think I probably watch way too much t.v. but right now I’m sort of in a slum. I usually have a few shows I enjoy watching. Right now I think all of them have ended and I don’t have any good shows to watch. I know a lot of people seem to like shows like Big Brother and such but I don’t like reality t.v. shows. Anyone have any favorites that are on t.v. or Netflix right now?

Uh oh baby is awake so thats all for now, Happy Thursday.

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