A Kitchen Box- First Box!


So I got in my very first Kitchen Box and also the very first box they have ever sent out. Usually I don’t take such a risk with a new subscription service. However, anyone who knows me knows that I am a straight up foodie and I love cooking. If ever there was the perfect subscription box for me, this box right here would be very close to it. Normally this is $30 a month, which is pricey. I’m hoping it will be worth it! Here is some info from their site:

“A Kitchen Box delivers the element of surprise, wrapped and shipped to your door every month!  We curate every box with a specific theme in mind, introducing you to new artisans, products, concepts, and pairings.”

In the box AKB includes a guide for unpacking your box, useful items to add to your kitchen collection, an original recipe, an artisan food product, a postcard (already stamped), a free music download and also a $1 donation to an Oregon based non-profit. That is a lot!

So here we go on to this month’s theme: A Cheese Party!


At first glance I thought this box was way smaller than I was expecting.


I thought the packaging was very nicely done. I like the wrapping paper colors and their logo.

IMG_1120 IMG_1119

This is the Guide for this month’s cheese box with all the information you could need on what’s been included this month.


Here’s the first look at what’s inside my cheese box. My first thought funny enough was, “where’s the cheese?”


Inside the cute chevron bag is some of the paper materials like the free music download for this month.

Freddy Guys Hazelnuts- $6

This was the artisan food that went with this month’s theme. Included in this box was a guide to make the perfect cheese plate. Adding nuts for some crunch is great on a cheese plate. I love hazelnuts and never buy them so I was happy to get these.

Bamboo Spreader-$2

This is really nice and perfect for soft cheeses and spreads.


33 Pieces of Cheese Notebook- $4

This is so freaking awesome and affordable. I know in the past I have tried some great cheese and completely forgotten the name. This notebook has each page set up for filling out information on each cheese you put in. For example the kind of cheese, the name and has marks to remember different flavors of the cheese. This is really neat and I can’t wait to start logging in  the cheese I buy.

Porcelain Place Cards (2)- $5

The place cards  are for identifying the kinds of cheese or spreads on the table. I don’t have any place cards so this was a nice addition to the box. I only wish I got more! You can use an erasable marker to write on these and they are also dishwasher safe.


Formaticum Cheese Paper and Adhesive Labels (3 of each)- The full size is $9 for a set of 15 sheets and 30 labels

I have always needed something like this to keep my cheese fresh and to make it last longer. This paper is made in France and  is also super adorable. It has cows, sheep and goats printed on every sheet.  The labels as well are nice because you can circle the type of cheese your labeling (by animal) and the date you bought it etc.

Also included was a white towel for mopping up those messes in the kitchen.


IMG_1124 IMG_1126

Recipe Card– Fig and Onion Jam

This jam looks yummy and easy to make. I will definitely try making some.

Cheese Postcard- ❤ I like this so much I want to send it to myself!

Free Music Download– Jetty Rae

I haven’t listened to this yet, I will update when I do.

I’m excited to use the contents of my box and have already been inspired and put together a cheese plate for this past fourth of July. I thought this box was very nice and it was obvious that a lot of thought and effort was put into it to make it look nice. I think my only complaint is that for the price I would have hoped for more. Instead of one spreader maybe a set of 3. Instead of just 3 pieces of cheese paper I would have liked the full size. I also thought it would have been nice if they had included a cheese board (maybe a slate one). At least they have some of the products available for purchase on their site, I think I’m going to buy more of the Formaticum cheese paper. I’m on the fence about this subscription but impressed with the variety of what I received this month. I most certainly am looking forward to what next month’s theme will be and even more excited to find out what will be in it!

4 thoughts on “A Kitchen Box- First Box!

  1. I don’t think glitter nail polish works good for me either…but they make awesome nail polish necklaces!!! I did a post on my blog a while back!
    thanks for linking!!!!

  2. I was so sad that the box sold out before I could get in on it (I am a foodie too!!). But after seeing what came, I don’t think $30 a month is a good deal. I think you would be better off at FAB, One Kings Lane or Joss and Main. Thanks for sharing!

    • True I love FAB! I just hate paying for shipping, that’s usually what makes me cancel a sudden impulse buy. Im glad I didn’t pay $30 (I got the deal so it’s more like $20) but even so Im looking forward to next month’s box.

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