June Conscious Box Classic Review





Every month Conscious Box includes a postcard with a really nice photo on the front. Usually it’s nature based, this month was a photo of a sandy beach. Also included this month was an info card! I know in the past Conscious Box has sent product information via email to save trees. I didn’t mind getting it that way but it was nice to get this card with the box this month.

IMG_0931 v

Skout Organic Trail Bar in Apple Cinnamon and Cherry Vanilla

I liked these a lot, the apple cinnamon was my favorite. Im not really into cherry flavors, but that one was still ok.


Flavrz in Boost and Revive

I have yet to try these but they sound neat. I don’t normally drink flavored water or use products like mio or crystal light. I will be trying these soon!


Sneakz Chocolate Milk

This is such a great idea! I haven’t tried this yet either but Im hoping it’s good. I would totally get more of these if they are. I love chocolate milk but it’s not good to drink too much, at least if I was getting a serving of veggies in I wouldn’t feel so bad.


Son For Men SOOTHE

This is supposed to help with ingrown hairs and razor burns, sounds neat. I will be passing this along to A to try out.


ALT Peanut Butter Cookie Bar

Oh man this looks awesome. I am a big time lover of peanut butter, Im sure this will be yummy.


Greek Island Labs Natural Joint Dietary Supplement

I like that this sample is enough for 5 days, hopefully enough to see a difference. This would be better if I was older, but Im still going to try it.


Ah! This card is sooo cute! I am excited to send this out to some lucky someone. I also received a credit to buy more from this company and I think I might.

Conscious Box never fails to send me new and eco-friendly products. I love the assortment of items that I receive every month and I am excited to try out some of the things I got this month.

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